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Benchmarking Procurement’s Role in Driving Innovation and Technology

Create a Vital Collaboration between IT and ProcurementAs procurement executives shift focus from cost-cutting to partnering with IT for growth and innovation, they are targeting ERP maintenance costs for savings that can fund new initiatives.This report analyzes the attitudes of 112 procurement executives regarding the adoption of independent third-party support as a source of funding for innovation.

CIO.com Executive Brief: A Strategic Timeline for Next-Generation ERP

Today's rapidly changing technology landscape and the onset of the "Hybrid IT Era" are driving the vision for a next-generation ERP platform. CIOs have a golden opportunity to lead ongoing business transformation within IT - transformation with the potential to deliver new growth for the business as a whole. Read this CIO.com executive brief to understand how IT organizations can seize the opportunity to enable IT-driven business transformation.

Gartner Research Report: What to Consider Before Cancelling Your ERP Vendor's Maintenance Agreement and Switching to Third-Party Support

Gartner is seeing a steady increase in inquiries about cancelling maintenance agreements with enterprise resource planning vendors. ERP leaders must understand the impact of any cancellation and plan for ongoing ERP maintenance and support services. Cancelling can play an important role in enabling an enterprise to run current mature application releases more cost-effectively, shift funds to business growth initiatives, and flexibly position for the best-fit future application platform.

Nucleus Research Report: Rimini Street Leading the Third-Party Support Market

Nucleus Research finds that savings and benefits beyond simple maintenance cost savings are driving the move toward independent enterprise support provider Rimini Street. As more and more organizations look to maximize the return from their IT investments and adopt cloud and other strategies, they are increasingly considering third-party support as a means to cut the vendor maintenance tax. This suggests strong growth opportunities for Rimini Street and greater opportunities for customer savings.

Constellation Research: The Positive Pricing Impact of Third-Party Maintenance for Oracle and SAP Customers

Constellation Research recently surveyed 184 organizations to identify the impact of third-party maintenance (3PM) providers on maintenance contract negotiations for Oracle and SAP customers. Survey results, highlighted in this report, show customers that use a competitive proposal as leverage in their annual maintenance contract negotiations with Oracle or SAP secure an average 13.7% discount. Customers who chose to switch to a third-party support provider saved up to 50 percent off Oracle’s and SAP’s list prices for maintenance fees. 

Ovum Research: On the Radar: Rimini Street — Third-party support and maintenance for SAP and Oracle platforms

For most of ERP’s history there has been no alternative to paying maintenance and support at vendor specified rates in what was essentially a monopoly market. Third-party maintenance has emerged as an appropriate solution for a wide range of situations.  In this report, Ovum confirms Rimini Street is squarely on the radar in any evaluation of Third-party support and maintenance for SAP and Oracle platforms.

Constellation Research: Why Every CIO Should Consider Third Party Maintenance (PDF)

This new best practices research report addresses an emerging and effective apps strategy, Third Party Maintenance, which is used to reduce the costs of maintenance and optimize ERP applications. Included survey results show how and why IT leaders are turning to third party maintenance as a part of their overall apps strategy, both the short term and long term.

Constellation Research: The Market For SAP Optimization Options (PDF)

This market overview by renowned analyst, R "Ray" Wang*, provides a starting point for SAP customers seeking optimization solutions. It delivers actionable advice and valuable insight into a proven collection of software solutions and services, including how third-party support can reduce your SAP total cost of ownership.

Computer Economics Special Survey: Oracle Application Customer Satisfaction, Attitudes and Plans (PDF)

In considering their future applications road map, Oracle application customers face crucial decisions going forward, including if and when to migrate to Fusion Applications and whether to switch to third-party support. To help organizations address these considerations, Computer Economics, an IT research and advisory firm, surveyed Oracle customers, including E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards licensees.