Rimini Street, Inc

“Thanks to Rimini Street, the PeopleSoft experts that we have at Brandeis will be able to use their talents on projects that achieve some efficiency or address some long-standing requirement for the campus, rather than spending that time rolling out upgrades.”

John Unsworth, CIO
Brandeis University


The urgent need to build a central records management application to mitigate data exposure risk drove Brandeis University to seek ways to reduce IT costs in other areas. The educational institution's existing and stable PeopleSoft system did not require upgrading for the foreseeable future - yet it consumed an excessive portion of the IT budget for maintenance and support. If IT could reduce this expense and keep PeopleSoft running smoothly, the university could fund a records management project as well as technology investments on its roadmap.

Rimini Street Solution

By slashing support costs in half with Rimini Street, Brandeis avoided an unnecessary and disruptive upgrade, while redirecting IT resources to strategic initiatives that strengthened its technology infrastructure.

Client Results

  • Avoided the upgrade treadmill and took control of the timing of future upgrades.
  • Focused IT staff on improving the existing PeopleSoft system by deploying unused shelfware, adding workflows and reporting capabilities, and strengthening security.
  • Achieved institutional goals for improving risk management through the development of a centralized records system designed to protect the personal information of students and staff.

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