Rimini Street, Inc

“Our original target was to achieve 25 percent total savings in our IT budget. We surpassed that, saving 30 percent. So now our percentage ratio of IT maintenance costs to innovative projects, which formerly was 70/30, is 50/50.”

Alexandre Baulé, CIO


A major exporter in Brazil, Embraer's SAP system is highly customized to accommodate specific aerospace and defense requirements, as well as Brazilian tax reporting and the public digital bookkeeping system (SPED). The SAP maintenance program did not support those customizations, even though the yearly cost of the program consumed 70 percent of the IT budget. To keep Embraer competitive and growing, the company's CIO made it a goal to change the ratio of IT maintenance to innovative projects from 70/30 to 50/50 and eventually 30/70. He saw independent support as a way of reaching that goal.  

Rimini Street Solution

Embraer received personalized support for daily operational issues as well as customizations. Multinational organizations such as Embraer appreciate Rimini Street's comprehensive tax, legal and regulatory updates, because they are critical to staying current with a complex web of international business process regulations. Rimini Street tailors its compliance updates to Embraer's operations, saving time and resources and eliminating potential mistakes during updates.

Client Results

  • Met its goal of 30 percent savings on vendor maintenance and support, making it possible to fund the expansion of its SAP footprint required to grow the export business.
  • Handled the increasingly complex tax, legal and regulatory changes necessary to track and apply multicounty SAP implementations through customized Rimini Street updates.
  • Avoided five SAP migrations and completed 72 localization projects, resulting in additional savings, while also expanding exports to the US and Portugal. 

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