Rimini Street, Inc

“If you’re paying a high amount of maintenance on a release that is stable, then you should look at independent support options that let you use the cost savings to be more flexible and creative in other areas.”

Payal Shah, Director of IT
Pioneer Electronics


Wanting to ensure flexibility for a stable SAP environment and avoid a vendor-forced upgrade, the IT team at Pioneer Electronics sought a support partner who could keep customized applications running for the foreseeable future. The company planned to divert savings on maintenance and avoiding upgrades to business enablement programs and future enterprise software investments.

Rimini Street Solution

Pioneer Electronics gets superior personalized support for its SAP system and its customizations. Instead of an impersonal global call center, where issues are handled by junior engineers, Rimini Street’s named account managers and support engineers partner with Pioneer to deliver in-depth, prompt resolution of production issues — as well as strategic planning assistance with the company’s future technology roadmap.

Client Results

  • Received personalized service from Account Managers and Professional Support Engineers and quick resolutions of all SAP production issues, including customizations.
  • Reduced cost of support, enabling redirection of funds to business enablement projects.
  • Avoided costly and unnecessary upgrades, reducing the need for IT staff involvement and providing funding for additional projects.