Rimini Street, Inc

“By signing with Rimini Street I was able to reallocate a significant portion of our total budget to growth initiatives. Rimini Street’s value proposition — the breadth and depth of all the expertise it brings, and the willingness to help us be successful — becomes very strategic, almost invaluable. In terms of value add, it’s not incremental, it’s not additive. It’s a multiplier effect. An order of magnitude.”

Tom Grooms, CIO
Valspar Corporation


Organizations that depend on enterprise software to manage every aspect of operations are all too familiar with the time, expense and disruption of an upgrade. When there is no compelling reason to upgrade except for a  vendor's timetable, CIOs should have a choice about scheduling. Valspar experienced that situation as it focused on growing its paint and coatings business through innovation and acquisition. Because the company had already purchased the next Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) upgrade, IT wanted to defer implementation until it was ready and reduce the increasing expense of ongoing vendor support and maintenance.

Rimini Street Solution

Switching to independent support from Rimini Street gave Valspar the opportunity to pause upgrades while immediately saving 50 percent on premium support. The Rimini Street onboarding process includes archiving already purchased software upgrades for future use - and this gave Valspar the ability to upgrade on its  own timetable and to determine whether an upgrade was necessary.  

Client Results

  • Allowed Valspar to invest aggressively in growth initiatives - most significantly, an innovative service- based business model - by using savings from switching to Rimini Street.
  • Received highly responsive support, making the company much more inclined to report issues than it was with the vendor's support program.
  • Avoided the upgrade treadmill, while still having access to a safely archived EBS release. 

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