Featured Client: Valspar

Client Highlights

  • Freed Up Resources for Innovation — The savings generated from switching to Rimini Street Support enable Valspar to invest aggressively in growth initiatives — most significantly, an innovative servicebased business model.
  • Discovered in Rimini Street a Strategic Partner — As Valspar aggressively pursues its strategy of global expansion, its relationship with Rimini Street extends far beyond break/fix software support into strategic guidance and deep business conversations — a trusted and invaluable partnership.

Valspar Fuels Innovation for Explosive Global Growth by Switching to Premium Independent Support

Valspar International’s diverse array of products makes it one of the most complete suppliers in its industry and the sixth largest paint and coatings company in the world. With its focus on investing in innovation, Valspar demonstrates clear industry leadership. The robust, comprehensive functionality of its Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) 11i applications help Valspar, a $4 billion manufacturer, fulfill its mission of being the best coatings company in the world as judged by its customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the communities in which it operates.

Valspar has been growing rapidly in recent years. The company’s long-term objectives are focused on global expansion, continuing to make strategic acquisitions, building the Valspar premium paint brand and driving productivity improvement.

Taking Back Control of ERP Investment by Switching to Rimini Street

By moving to Rimini Street, Valspar is saving 50 percent on the annual support fees it was previously paying to the vendor. But that’s only one area of savings. Another significant area of strategic importance to Valspar is upgrade avoidance.

With the company’s growth, one of Valspar CIO Tom Grooms’ priorities is to continuously roll out EBS to new regions and company segments as Valspar expands and makes new acquisitions. These ongoing implementations require continuous effort and constant expenditure of IT resources.

Under these circumstances, Grooms is pursuing a strategy of deliberately not upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite 12 now. But he can upgrade in the future at a time of his own choosing because he has already licensed EBS 12 and has it in his pocket — courtesy of the Rimini Street onboarding process, during which all software the client has licensed from the vendor is downloaded and archived safely for future use. This puts him squarely in the driver’s seat, able to firmly control Valspar’s ERP destiny. Grooms explains:

“Our current business objective is not to upgrade, it’s to continue to implement EBS 11i as we make acquisitions. We found that we could buy ourselves valuable time, because our licenses permitted us to download whatever we had a legal right to under our licensing agreement. But we can upgrade when it’s right for us. To me, this is very much a value-added component of our relationship with Rimini Street: you don’t have to decide now, under pressure from the vendor, to upgrade. You can download whatever you rightfully own and decide later. That gives us a big advantage.”

Enjoying More Responsive Support — And a Strategic Partnership

Rimini Street Support guarantees a call-back in less than 30 minutes from the time of the support request; average actual response time to a client inquiry is 3.5 minutes. Additionally, clients get support from highly experienced engineers who deeply understand underlying business processes — not just the software.

That’s a big plus for CIO Grooms — and a welcome change from vendor support, which his team avoided calling unless absolutely necessary. But ultra-responsive support is only one aspect of Valspar’s relationship with Rimini Street. Says Grooms:

“My expectation was along the lines of more responsive, better resolution of support questions. Sure, we get that with Rimini Street. But there’s so much more. Rimini Street’s total value proposition — the breadth and depth of all the expertise it brings, and the willingness to help us be successful — becomes very strategic, almost invaluable. In terms of value add, it’s not incremental, it’s not additive. It’s a multiplier effect. An order of magnitude.

Support for Customizations at No Extra Charge

Rimini Street engineers resolve issues and develop fixes that directly address its clients’ modified code — at no additional charge. To Grooms, this was an unexpected boon. “As a process manufacturer, we’ve found that that the Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) module doesn’t work for us, so we’ve highly customized that module,” he says. “We had no expectation that anybody would even entertain the idea of supporting custom software. To find that Rimini Street is happy to do that and has been happy to help consult with us when we consider further customizations is just so unique and so powerful for us.”

Advice to CIOs: It’s Your Job to Evaluate Your Current Support Program’s Value Proposition

Thousands of chief information officers across the world are deciding whether to upgrade their Oracle EBS applications — or to depart from the vendor’s recommended upgrade road map and consider the independent support option presented by Rimini Street. For these CIOs, Grooms has some advice: “Calculate. Get down to some real data and facts around what you’re getting from the vendor for your maintenance fees. Evaluate your current value proposition in dollar terms. And then go from there.”

“Be honest with yourself about two things,” he continues. “One, it’s your job to evaluate. Even if you’re perfectly happy with a service or a product, you’d better be constantly evaluating your options and how you can deliver maximum value to your company, because if you don’t, they’ll find someone else who will. Two, as far as support goes, I have yet to meet anybody — except Rimini Street customers — who can say with a straight face that they love the support they’re getting, are perfectly happy with it, and can’t imagine it could be any better.”

Grooms concludes: “Face reality and be open-minded. For some CIOs independent support probably feels a little risky. But I think you’re actually risking your own credibility if you’re not thinking this way.”

In their own words...

“By signing with Rimini Street I was able to reallocate a significant portion of our total budget to growth initiatives. Rimini Street’s value proposition — the breadth and depth of all the expertise it brings, and the willingness to help us be successful — becomes very strategic, almost invaluable. In terms of value add, it’s not incremental, it’s not additive. It’s a multiplier effect. An order of magnitude.”

"We looked at other alternatives and foundthat Rimini Street was the most seasoned,stable and financially sound - and willing topartner and invest in our success."

Tom Grooms
CIO, Valspar Corporation