Explore Your Software Maintenance Choices

Today's stable enterprise software platforms a fundamentally different approach to support, yet software vendors continue to offer a one-size-fits-all approach, to increase maintenance fees, and to report record profits. Oracle, SAP and other major software vendors view maintenance revenue as an entitlement, enforcing onerous contract terms to preserve revenue without regard for customer cost containment needs.

Support Costs Are Too High

  • Rising annual maintenance fees even as software vendors report record support revenues with profit margins of 90 percent1
  • Costly forced upgrades
  • IT entitlement costs consume nearly 80 percent of total annual IT budgets
  • Lifetime vendor support programs cost more but offer less service over time

Current Platforms Are Stable and Meet Business Needs

  • Highly functional and extremely stable
  • Scalable technology and field-tested
  • Customized to meet your unique needs and requirements
  • Mature releases meet the needs of many clients for up to a decade without requiring any costly upgrades

Disappointing Customer Service from Vendor

  • Up to 70 percent of users are dissatisfied with current service levels
  • Slow response times and limited access to technical experts
  • Bug fixes delivered "in the next release"
  • High-value enhancements packaged as new licensed product
  • Generic, one-size-fits-all approach

Vendor Support Model May Put Your Business at Risk

  • Your maintenance fees fund the vendor's next-generation systems that you may never use
  • Significant uncertainty in viability of next-generation systems
  • Decade or more before next-generation systems are tested and viable
  • Customers risk vendor and technology stack lock-in by pre-funding next-generation systems

Amidst escalating concerns with the current state of software support, alternative third-party support is rapidly growing by offering a compelling value proposition and filling an important need in the enterprise software ecosystem. Clients of alternative support and maintenance have achieved proven benefits for many years, validating the independent support industry.

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1 Oracle Corporation, Q3 Fiscal 2011 Quarter Financial Results, Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations

Proven Client Success

"We couldn't really justify the cost associated with support from PeopleSoft. Rimini Street offered a compelling solution that provides continued full support for years to come without having to upgrade. We're getting excellent service and saving more than 50 percent in annual support costs. We even get full fix support from our customizations at no additional fee."

-Tony Spears, Manager of Financial Applications, Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance

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- Ray Wang, Altimeter Group
- Seth Ravin, Rimini Street
- Bob Evans, Global CIO

Industry Analysis

"Software giants such as Oracle and SAP charge as much as 22 percent of the value of an initial license for annual support ... Profit margins on support can be upward of 90 percent, according to industry estimates."

-The Wall Street Journal

"Unfortunately, critical IT dollars continue to be squandered on maintenance fees - accounting for 33 percent of the entire software budget."

-E-Commerce Times