A Software Support Alternative

Smart companies are investigating all of their enterprise software support and maintenance options. Rimini Street believes it's important for you to have all the facts to make the right decision for you and your organization.

Early adopter clients want to stay on the leading or even bleeding edge of applications and technologies, investing in testing, fixing and growing the next generation of software. We see this now around several technologies and platforms, including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), middleware and open source. If you and your organization strive to deploy every latest and greatest enterprise software release and update, it's possible this model of support and maintenance is not for you. 

However, the majority of customers, and many early adopters, are looking to minimize overall risk and maximize the return on their software investments through alternative support and maintenance while the next generation of software winners and losers is determined.

Is Rimini Street Support Right for You?

Yes, if one or more of the following applies to your organization:

  • You want to reduce costs.
  • You want to better align cost with value.
  • Your software application is stable and mature.
  • Your application is customized.
  • You want more responsive, personalized service.
  • You don't want to be forced to upgrade.
  • You don't want to fund R&D for the vendor's next generation of software that you may never use.
  • You want to avoid vendor-imposed "penalty fees."
  • You need responsive support for tax, legal and regulatory updates.

Sound like you? Click here to view and download an expanded PDF version of this list. You can use this document within your organization to help make the business case for moving to Rimini Street Support.

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Industry Analysis

"In our research and analysis of Rimini Street clients, we verified that the savings and service level improvements realized by organizations that elect third-party support are real and substantial ... Organizations moving from vendor support to Rimini Street can save a minimum of 50 percent in annual maintenance fees."

-Nucleus Research, "Research Note: Benefits from Third-Party Support"

Proven Client Success

"Rimini Street offers a proven annual support program at a savings of at least 50 percent in annual support fees that all organizations should consider in their strategic IT Planning."

-Greg Clore, VP Information Technology, Dave & Buster's