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Tame Your Tech MOOSE before the BT Agenda Makes It Bigger

Forrester Tech MooseTech MOOSE is the 70% to 75% of a typical tech budget that goes to keep the lights on and the business running, even if there are no new projects. Keeping tech MOOSE under control is a critical objective for any CIO.

That goal will become even more challenging as CIOs spend more of their new project budget on business technology (BT) to help their companies win, serve, and retain customers.

Here are some key takeaways from this report:

  • Managing tech MOOSE has become a business mandate
  • Understanding IT tech MOOSE is the key to taming it
  • Tips and Techniques for Taming Your tech MOOSE

Read this Forrester report to understand your tech MOOSE and act now to tame it before it consumes ever more of your finite technology budget.