Rimini Street, Inc

Award-Winning Support Services for JDE World Products

JD Edwards World

You know the importance of quality support for your JD Edwards World software investment. Rimini Street has earned a decade of industry recognition for replacing Oracle support with premium-level support delivered by hundreds of professionals serving clients in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Rimini Street supports all JDE World products and releases (including JDE A9.1 support). In addition, we offer managed services for JD Edwards World, deep technology and interoperability expertise, and troubleshooting skills in JDE products and tools. Our expertise includes:

  • Package builds and deployments for JDE
  • Objects promotions
  • Support for third-party software interfaces
  • Environment/data refreshes
  • Operational support
  • System monitoring
  • Software support
  • User security
  • Case management
  • Performance tuning for JDE
  • Development support for JDE

Want to keep running your current JDE World application? We can help you.

Looking at the JD Edwards World roadmap, you probably see no new features that interest you, and you are not convinced that EnterpriseOne is the way to go. Independent support for JD Edwards World can free your budget to transform your enterprise’s capabilities without being tied to a vendor’s forced upgrade path. Only with Rimini Street will you get better service, while cutting your costs in half compared to what you are paying the vendor today.

The Rimini Street premium support program for JDE World includes:

  • 24/7/365 access to your Personal Support Engineer
  • Best-in-class SLA response
  • Support for all JDE World products and releases
  • No required upgrades
  • Tax, legal and regulatory updates for JDE payroll statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Custom code support
  • Configuration and operational support

Before you consider taking on a major upgrade or signing up for yet another year of vendor annual support, talk to us.