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How to avoid being chained to an enterprise software license


Computer Weekly’s Cliff Saran reports on the “stranglehold on enterprise IT” by the major enterprise software vendors, citing sales teams are given “incentives to sell premium products and cloud services to existing customers.” And Rimini Street president Sebastian Grady observes, “Too many vendors are taking advantage of customers. How much change is happening for the sake of change?”

Oracle users shy away from cloud because of high costs: survey


According to the article, Oracle claims many of its customers are making the move to cloud, however, new survey findings based on Rimini Street’s second annual global survey of Oracle licensees finds otherwise. In fact, six out of 10 licensees surveyed cited the lack of strong business case as the key reason for not migrating to Oracle Cloud/Fusion applications.

Computer software company expands in Las Vegas


This article highlights Rimini Street’s Las Vegas headquarters office expansion, citing that the Company has added 11,000 square feet of office space to support 60+ new jobs in Las Vegas. The article also notes that “[Seth Ravin] expects his company’s niche of software maintenance services will grow in Las Vegas with as many as 300 people in coming years.”

Propex slashes SAP maintenance costs with 3PM but that’s not all


In Dennis Howlett’s post featuring Rimini Street client Propex, read about major drivers for the company’s second return to Rimini Street: “The second time around decision almost made itself. We were looking for savings again and having a good experience with Rimini Street gave us a lot of confidence that we would be making the right decision.”

Upstart Rimini Street Courts CIOs Looking for Cheaper Alternative to Oracle IT Support


The Wall Street Journal’s Clint Boulton reports “CIOs want to shift more of their IT budget to projects that can help grow the business,” with many CIOs “tired of paying Oracle premium for bug fixes, updates and other tweaks they say they don’t need.” Several Rimini Street clients are featured, including Dean Foods CIO Brian Murphy: “The worst position you can be in as a CIO is having a lack of choice.”

The mainstreaming of Third Party Maintenance


Industry expert and “SAP Nation” author Vinnie Mirchandani reports on how independent support is gaining mainstream acceptance as a viable option for CIOs and a “non-disruptive way to get savings on the maintenance dollar and improve quality of service.” He also cites new research from Gartner which highlights the increase in inquiries they are receiving from ERP customers considering cancelling their vendor maintenance.

Majority of SAP licensees not committed to adopting S/4HANA: survey


In a recent global survey of more than 230 SAP licensees, 85 percent of respondents were not committed to SAP’s S/4HANA, citing lack of a strong business case, unclear ROI, unproven platform and early stage product as top reasons. The survey was conducted to understand licensee application strategies and confirms that the majority are driving more value from existing applications, as reported by Inside SAP.

SAP customers non-committal on S4/HANA, says Rimini Street


Rimini Street’s recent global survey of SAP licensees found that only 14% of licensees are using SAP’s S/4HANA today, according to an article from ZDNet. The vast majority of licensees (72%) are choosing to continue to run their mature, stable ECC 6.0 releases citing that the current version meets business needs (43%) and it was cost prohibitive to upgrade (37%).

digibyte – Rimini Street has another record quarter, announces next generation services


Rimini Street recently reported another first quarter of record results, including record highs in net revenues, as well as deferred revenues. The Company also surpassed 1,000 signed clients in Q1 and launched a comprehensive suite of next-generation support services to help clients address today’s challenging and changing IT landscape.

Getting bang for your buck in the explosives factory


ITnews profiles Incitec Pivot CIO Martin Janssen and the key strategies and tools his team used to drive greater value from their IT dollars. This includes switching to Rimini Street for independent support of their ECC 6.0 release. Janssen explains, “We’re the first Australian company using SAP to move off maintenance services directly with SAP to a third party, Rimini Street. There’s no religion in that. It’s not being cheap, it’s getting the best value – that’s why we’re with Rimini Street.”

Enterprise Software Churn–Rimini Street keeps rolling


Industry expert, analyst and author of “SAP Nation,” Vinnie Mirchandani reports that several clients’ recent decisions to switch from Oracle and SAP to Rimini Street is “an indication of coming significant churn in the enterprise software market.” He cites upgrades as a “major driver” for the move to independent support and believes SAP’s S4HANA “could open the floodgates.”

SAP's S4HANA: The Potential Customer Disconnect


Top global airplane manufacturer, Embraer, talks about their move from SAP support to independent support with Rimini Street and increasing their ability to drive innovation. According to CIO Alexandre Baule, “Our ratio of IT maintenance costs to innovative projects, which formerly was 70/30, is now 50/50.”

Rimini Street revenues up 42 per cent in 2014


Rimini Street’s preliminary Q4 and full year 2014 results included generating net revenues of $86.7 million in 2014, an increase of 42 percent over 2013. The Company also surpassed $100 million in annualized subscription revenue for the first time, reaching $107.1 million, as reported by Inside SAP magazine.