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HoF puts more traffic down Rimini Street


Analysis of the decision by leading UK retailer, House of Fraser, to ask Rimini Street to extend its support beyond Oracle E-Business Suite to the retailer’s Oracle Database estate. The article discusses how the savings in maintenance fees could potentially support international expansion plans and the digital transformation of the company. It goes on to talk about the key benefits of working with Rimini Street including its excellent service, knowledgeable staff and willingness to pull out all the stops.

House of Fraser commits more Oracle support to Rimini Street


Short analysis piece on House of Fraser adding support of its Oracle Database estate to relationship with Rimini Street. It highlights how this approach has the potential to offer customers greater choice and bargaining power when it comes to negotiating with vendors such as Oracle, as well as dramatically reducing their maintenance fees.

Dodging digital transformation's Catch-22


Rimini Street’s Peter Dunn, director of public sector UK, talks about the dilemma facing local government organisations as they attempt to fund digital transformation. He believes the IT industry has a crucial role to play in helping the public sector to best manage their budgets and show greater flexibility in dealing with customers. Rather than simply driving customers to replace legacy systems IT vendors should help customers to develop more innovative strategies that match their needs.

The Hidden Truths of Oracle Database Support


Companies might be using more databases and versions of databases than they are aware of and there is a good chance that they are running these databases under the false belief that they’re fully supported. In this article, Hari Candadai, GVP of Product Marketing of Rimini Street discusses the three different ways organizations can reduce their Oracle Database TCO and regain control.

How CIOs are redefining business models


In this article, Andrew Powell, Managing Director, Rimini Street APAC discusses how leaders across the C-Suite are looking to IT to enable business transformation by driving more value from their core applications.

CIO upfront: Meet the revenue-generating CIO


In the era of big data, apps and cloud computing, the role of today’s CIO is to enable the business, innovate and focus on new technology strategies to help better engage customers and drive revenue. Andrew Powell, Managing Director of Rimini Street Asia Pacific and Japan, discusses how the role of the CIO has changed from a “cost-controller” to a “revenue-generator”.