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Comprehensive Support for Oracle ATG Web Commerce

Oracle ATG Web Commerce Support

Rimini Street Support for Oracle ATG Web Commerce enables you to reduce your total cost of ownership and redirect your resources to strategic initiatives. Rimini Street offers Oracle ATG Web Commerce licensees the same personalized service that our clients enjoy today across all our product lines. Our program for Oracle ATG Web Commerce customers includes support for ATG Web Commerce 9, 10, and 11.

Select supported components including but not limited to:

  • Campaign Optimizer
  • Outreach
  • MDEX Engine 6.5
  • Oracle Commerce Guided Search (Endeca Search) and Experience Manager

Comprehensive Support for Oracle ATG Web Commerce

Our services include innovative and robust program features that have made Rimini Street the support provider of choice for more than 1,450 organizations around the world. Standard support program features for Oracle ATG Web Commerce licensees that switch to Rimini Street include:

  • 50% cost savings compared to annual vendor fees
  • Named, local primary support engineers assigned to each client (no offshoring of support calls)
  • 24/7 support coverage with 15-minute-or-less guaranteed response for critical issues
  • Configuration support tailored to your specific deployment
  • Interoperability, security and performance tuning support services
  • Support for at least 15 years for existing releases with no required upgrades

Combined Support for ERP Applications & Oracle Database Enables Additional Savings and Integrated Support

Reap the same 50% savings in annual support fees you gain by utilizing Rimini Street for your Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform. In addition to this significant savings, when you use Rimini Street for combined support of Oracle ATG Web Commerce and Oracle enterprise applications like Oracle Retail and Siebel as well as Oracle Database, you also benefit from an integrated service offering with deep interoperability and configuration support between these products and across your technology stack—all from a single provider. Experts are standing by to answer your questions about Rimini Street Support for Oracle ATG Web Commerce.