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Over 160 of the Fortune 500 live on Rimini Street

Rimini Street has helped nearly 1,900 companies, including over 160 of the Fortune 500 and Global 100, enjoy higher levels of support for Oracle® and SAP® software, save up to 90% on their total maintenance costs, and free up funds that can be used to drive innovation.

Rimini Street clients saved over $1 billion last year.

Our clients saved over $1 billion last year.

Annual support fees are just the tip of the iceberg. Vendor support costs are rising, upgrades are costly and customizations require self-support. You could save as much as 90% of the total cost of maintaining your current systems. Use our calculator to analyze your savings.

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IT budgets fund innovation on Rimini Street.

Break away from your mega vendor and liberate your resources, your time and your money. Start focusing on driving innovation and moving the needle for your business. See how our client reinvested savings in critical technologies that are driving top-line growth to their business.

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Rimini Street is Engineered for Support.

Upgrades are never forced and an expert is just a phone call away. Our unique, personalized support model is unmatched and we guarantee support for your Oracle® and SAP® products for for a minimum of 15 years. Gain greater control over what you want to do, when you want to do it.

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Save 50% on Oracle® and SAP® support fees. Guaranteed.

Are you still paying for outdated and expensive vendor support? There's a better way. You can achieve significant savings and enjoy ultra-responsive support for your Oracle® and SAP® products. We deliver the following services and much much more!

  • Upgrade flexibility
  • Support for customization at no extra cost
  • 24/7/365 access to your personal support engineer
  • Global tax, legal and regulatory services

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Nearly 1,900 companies worldwide, including midmarket, public sector and over 160 of the Fortune 500 and Global 100 have made the switch to Rimini Street.

"What we found with Rimini Street was their willingness to partner around our business and what was important to us – not just around the solution. That support model is what differentiated Rimini Street."

Brian Murphy, SVP & CIO
Dean Foods