Savvy customers no longer pay Oracle or SAP full price for annual maintenance.

Instead, customers are negotiating maintenance discounts from Oracle and SAP or switching to value-based third-party software support for more savings, innovative features and responsive service.

No matter which support option you choose, industry analyst research shows that customers who leverage a competitive proposal for annual support can negotiate a better maintenance deal.1

Get a proposal from Rimini Street and learn why 700 signed government and commercial organizations around the world - including 84 of the Fortune 500 and 16 of the Global 100 largest companies - have already switched to Rimini Street support.

Even if you evaluate Rimini Street's award-winning support and determine it is not right for you today, you can still use the Rimini Street proposal as leverage to get your best price and service terms from Oracle and SAP.

You win either way.

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Oracle and SAP are Discounting Maintenance

According to a recent report by Constellation Research, customers that use a competitive proposal as leverage in their annual maintenance contract negotiations with Oracle or SAP secure an average 13.7% discount.2

Cowen and Company, a highly respected investment bank and research advisory firm, found evidence of discounting in its SAP research: "We recently spent time talking with a handful of large SAP customers that have received roughly 50% discounts on maintenance renewals."3

Get Your Best Deal on Oracle and SAP Maintenance

Industry analysts agree. A competitive proposal for annual support can give you the leverage you need to negotiate a better maintenance deal from Oracle and SAP.4

In fact, over 60% of surveyed customers believe that a competitive third-party support proposal improves negotiation leverage with Oracle and SAP. And even better, 72% of companies that obtained and used a third-party support proposal say they gained an advantage in contract negotiations with Oracle or SAP.5

A proposal from Rimini Street, the proven leader in third-party support,6 gives you the credibility you need at the bargaining table with Oracle and SAP.

Why Rimini Street Is Helping You Get a Discount from Oracle and SAP

Competition is good for any industry, and ensures customers have a variety of choices to meet different needs. Despite the fact that surveyed customers identify "Expensive Maintenance Fees" as the number one dislike about their applications,7 software vendors continue to raise maintenance fees.8

Unfortunately, many Oracle and SAP customers are unaware that competitive third party support options exist, and have been needlessly overpaying for Oracle and SAP annual maintenance.

Rimini Street is the best value in Oracle and SAP enterprise software support. We believe that, when customers compare Rimini Street annual support against Oracle and SAP support, many will select the 50% annual fee savings, more responsive service, and innovative support features of Rimini Street's award-winning support program. 

You Win Either Way.

Use your Rimini Street support proposal to negotiate your best pricing, support features, and service level commitments from Oracle and SAP. Then, compare Oracle and SAP's offer with Rimini Street's award-winning support service and choose the right program for you. You win either way.

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