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Premier SAP HANA Database Support – Learn How Rimini Street’s Support Services for SAP HANA Database Fit Into Your Overall Post-Modern ERP Strategy.

sap hana database support

Rimini Street Support for SAP HANA Database enables clients to reduce their maintenance costs involved in HANA Database ownership and receive ultra-responsive support. Clients can remain on their current, stable release without any required updates while continuing to evolve and grow their current release on a time line that suits their business needs and budget.

We support HANA in conjunction with support for SAP Business Suite applications, SAP Business Warehouse, and the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform; we also support HANA Database standalone. Rimini Street’s support and maintenance program for HANA Database includes the following standard features:

  • A Personal, Regional Primary Support Engineer
  • 24/7 Support with Guaranteed 15 Minute or less response time
  • Application and repository fixes
  • Documentation-only fixes
  • Configuration support and operational support
  • Performance tuning and interoperability support
  • Vendor-neutral security guidance

What if you could have combined database and application support at 50% annual savings?

HANA Database licensees switching their annual support to Rimini Street reap the same 50% savings in annual support fees that is enjoyed by clients utilizing Rimini Street for their enterprise application software support. Licensees who use Rimini Street for combined support of their HANA Database and SAP enterprise applications will also benefit from an integrated service offering with deeper interoperability and configuration support between the database and application through a single-source provider.

Select Supported HANA Database Components Include:

  • HANA Studio
  • HANA Client
  • HANA Host Agent
  • HANA Information Composer
  • HANA Advanced Data Processing
  • HANA Spatial
  • LT Replication AddOn
  • LT Replication Server
  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  • HANA XS Engine
  • HANA XS Advanced Runtime

Rimini Street experts are standing by to answer your HANA Database support and maintenance questions. Contact us today!