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Evaluating SAP S/4HANA? Industry Analysts Say S/4HANA Is Risky and Costly

sap s4hana

S/4HANA is a high-risk, bet-the-farm strategy for SAP1, which is making only minimal investments in innovation for its traditional core ERP products.2 The price of an SAP S/4HANA implementation is steep and most customers do not have a business case for S/4HANA.3 For SAP customers not ready to adopt an unproven solution like S/4HANA, third-party support is a viable alternative to vendor support. SAP licensees switching to Rimini Street Support gain cost savings and continued strategic flexibility and independence.

SAP Says S/4HANA is "all about speed." But is Speed Really an Issue? It's a Feature, Not a Business Problem.

Does it really move the needle for your business if an overnight batch process completes in ten minutes instead of an hour? SAP says S/4HANA is “all about speed,” but others are asking, “"[w]here will S4 show business benefits — not just the vague ‘speed’ and ‘simple’ talk from SAP? When? And what will it cost to get there?”4

Change the conversation. Rimini Street offers support and maintenance services for a wide range of SAP enterprise applications from ECC 6.0 and earlier releases of the SAP Business Suite including SRM, SCM, CRM, EWM, PLM and GTS.  We also support major products including SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Business Warehouse and the SAP HANA Database.

We have deep technology expertise and troubleshooting skills in SAP products and tools. Our experts specialize in:

  • SAP NetWeaver
  • ABAP Development Workbench
  • ABAP WebDynpro
  • Web Application Server
  • CRM Support & Help
  • Basis
  • Exchange Infrastructure
  • Transport Management
  • ABAP Debugger
  • J2EE Engine
  • Security Management
  • Solution Manager

Imagine, Instead, Running Your Existing SAP ERP Application Under Premium-Quality Support for At Least 15 Years.

Instead of following SAP’s prescribed rip-and-replace path to S/4HANA, many of today’s leading organizations are taking back control of their enterprise software roadmap by adopting an alert wait and see posture and switching to third-party support for their current SAP applications.

By moving to the award-winning Rimini Street premium support services program for SAP, you get:

  • 24/7/365 access to your personal support engineer
  • Best-in-class SLA response: 15 minutes for critical issues
  • No required upgrades or forced migration to S/4HANA platform
  • Support for all SAP software releases and product Lines
  • Tax, legal and regulatory updates
  • Custom code support
  • Configuration and operational support

If you are ready to take back control of your SAP road map and experience the gold standard in SAP enterprise support, contact us today!

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