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Award Winning Support Services for SAP Products

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As a leader of your organization, you know the importance of quality support for your SAP software. Rimini Street supports a wide range of SAP enterprise applications, from R/3 to ERP 6.0 and other SAP Business Suite 7 products. We also support the SAP Business Warehouse up to and including release 7.5.

As SAP shifts away from its core ERP applications to S/4HANA and its line of business cloud applications, SAP customers running stable and mature SAP Business Suite applications can continue to evolve and grow their current release and can shift funds previously budgeted for SAP maintenance to strategic innovations. Rimini Street's global service delivery team is made up of hundreds of professionals who support client operations in more than 90 countries worldwide.

By moving to Rimini Street’s Premium Support Service for SAP Products, you get:

  • 24/7/365 access to your personal support engineer
  • Best in class SLA response
  • No required upgrades
  • Support for all SAP product Lines and Enhancement Packs
  • Tax, legal and regulatory updates
  • Custom code support
  • Configuration and operational support

Suffering from cost pressures, prioritizing and meeting user demands or limited time to learn new skills? We can help you.

Decreasing technology budgets, close scrutiny over IT purchases and paying annual maintenance fees without seeing significant investment in your application can be frustrating. Third-party SAP support can help open up your IT budget so you can transform your enterprise’s capabilities, without having to worry about expanding your staff or following the vendor’s forced software evolution path. Only with Rimini Street will you get better service while cutting your costs in half (compared to what you are paying the vendor today).

Before you consider making a major upgrade or signing on for yet another year of SAP annual support, talk to us.

Rimini Street offers support, help and maintenance services for a wide range of SAP products and releases, from the older R/3 to the more recent ECC 6.0 and all Enhancement Packs. This includes support for the full SAP Business Suite, including SRM, SCM, CRM, EWM, PLM and GTS. We also offer deep technology expertise and troubleshooting skills in SAP products and technology.

Rimini Street clients enjoy the following services as part of their standard support contract:

  • Product support services
  • Global tax, legal and regulatory services
  • Global security services
  • Risk avoidance services
  • Technology support services
  • Innovation and roadmap services
  • Account management services

We can also help you gain a better understanding of how to get more from the investments you’ve already made, what the possibilities are and how Rimini Street support services for SAP products fit into your overall post-modern ERP strategy. If you are ready to make a real difference in your organization and redirect your IT budget dollars to true innovation around the edges of a mature core ERP application, then contact us today!