Rimini Street Services Overview

Rimini Street is the leading independent support and maintenance provider for Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Database, Hyperion, Oracle Retail, Agile PLM, SAP, SAP HANA Database and BusinessObjects software.

It is vitally important that enterprise software licensees understand they have a choice of software support and maintenance providers. Rimini Street is committed to help you get the facts and compare the value of a move to independent support.

In the traditional status quo, enterprise software clients were trained by the big software vendors to pay unquestioningly for limited upgrade rights through vendor annual maintenance fees, and always upgraded when the vendor told them to.

Times have changed. Today enterprise software customers are free to choose the maintenance and support provider that best fits their needs and budget; and many are deferring expensive upgrades that offer limited enhancements and ROI.

Over 1,450 Fortune 500, midmarket and public sector companies running enterprise software products have exercised their freedom of choice by selecting Rimini Street as their trusted, independent provider of enterprise software support. Explore Rimini Street clients.

Reap the Benefits of Independent Support

Rimini Street enables enterprise application software licensees to maximize the return on their existing software investments with an innovative support program that:

  • Provides 50 percent immediate savings in annual support fees - Calculate your savings
  • Premium CRM and CNC application support
  • Typically saves as much as 90 percent in total support costs over a decade
  • Eliminates forced upgrades - Learn more
  • Guarantees the best service level commitment in the industry and delivers services not available with standard vendor support - View comparison chart

Have questions? Want a proposal and quote for your review? Or the opportunity to discuss your current and future support strategy with seasoned industry experts? Contact us.

Explore Your Choices

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Next Steps
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Proven Client Success

"Software maintenance is an insurance policy we can't afford to live without and Rimini Street is an insurance policy we can easily afford."

-Tom O'Brien, IT Manager, City of Flint, MI