Rimini Street Support Services Program Features

Simple break-fix software support is just the beginning. Rimini Street's unique program offers a breadth of premium features not found in vendor support programs at any price. From support of your customized code to advanced strategic technology advisory services, from an ISO-certified onboarding process to named Primary Support Engineers and Account Managers for every client, Rimini Street's independent support program has you covered. It’s all part of the most comprehensive support program in the industry delivered through our proprietary ServiceFirst™ Methodology.

Rimini Street Support Services: Keep Your System Running Smoothly And in Full Legal Compliance

Rimini Street Support Program Features

Explore each of our support services categories in more detail:

Product Support Services — Enjoy responsive break-fix and issue resolution that keep your mission-critical applications running at peak performance with reduced downtime.

Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Services — Ensure global compliance from the fastest “legislature-to-livesm” update delivery cycle in the industry.

Global Security Services — Proactively identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities months and even years before they are discovered and addressed by the vendor through a defined, enterprise-holistic strategy.

Risk Avoidance Services — Identify and resolve potential application and technology stack issues before they happen.

Technology Support Services — Future-proof and extend the lifespan of your enterprise software applications for a minimum of 15 years.

Innovation and Roadmap Services — Rapidly innovate, evolve and grow under Rimini Street independent support.

Account Management Services — Receive proactive assurance of your long-term success with Rimini Street Support Services.

Proven, Premium Personalized Support

Premium - Our ultra-responsive support program includes valuable services not included with standard vendor support, including support for customizations, interoperability and performance tuning.

Personalized - As a Rimini Street client you are assigned a named, regionally based Primary Support Engineer who heads up a team of specialists and experts on call as needed for support - as well as a named Global Account Manager dedicated to your success and satisfaction.

Proven - Over 1,450 global, Fortune 500, midmarket and public sector organizations from a broad range of industries depend on Rimini Street as their trusted independent provider of enterprise software support.

Proven Client Success

“My expectation was along the lines of more responsive, better resolution of support questions. Sure, we get that with Rimini Street. But there’s so much more. Rimini Street’s total value proposition — the breadth and depth of all the expertise it brings, and the willingness to help us be successful — becomes very strategic, almost invaluable. In terms of value add, it’s not incremental, it’s not additive. It’s a multiplier effect. An order of magnitude.”

— Tom Grooms, CIO, Valspar Corporation