Rimini Street, Inc

SAP software is the foundation of many modern enterprises. Over the years, valuable new features and functionality have been added to these enterprise applications in regular intervals. But as the software has become more mature and feature-rich, the value received from upgrades has diminished. Many licensees today find themselves forced to upgrade just to maintain vendor support. And with support and maintenance costs on the rise, more and more licensees are investigating third-party SAP support.

Replacing your SAP® software support and maintenance services with independent SAP support services opens up an array of choices for your organization. By liberating your time, money and staff, you can meet the needs of your business and invest in innovative programs that enable agility and drive growth.

"Using Rimini Street’s support services means that we can continue to use our current version of SAP as it is for the next 15 years — making it possible to defer unnecessary version upgrades with the archived software we now have — and save tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of expenses in the process. It is hard to imagine a better alternative to independent support from Rimini Street."

Isao Shigihara, Corporate Planning Division, IT Planning Group
Kumagai Gumi