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Global Solar Power Company Implements Innovative Hybrid IT Landscape with Liberated Oracle Support Funds

BrightSource Energy designs, develops and deploys solar thermal technology to produce high-value electricity and steam for power, petroleum and industrial-process markets worldwide. Shimi Ben Baruch, GVP and information officer of BrightSource, elaborates on how he funded his innovative hybrid IT initiatives by leveraging independent support for four different Oracle product lines in BrightSource's tech stack.

$1.5B Manufacturer Parlays $500K Savings Into $60M Annual eCommerce Revenue Stream

NCI Building Systems is the leading designer and manufacturer of metal buildings and parts in the non-residential construction industry. In this video, Eric Brown, EVP and CIO of NCI, discusses how he was able to avoid paying up to $15 million to Oracle for support they weren’t using, and use those savings to fund strategic initiatives for the business that generated millions of dollars in new revenue.

Color Spot Nurseries Grows Business with IT Innovation

Eric Robinson, CIO for Color Spot Nurseries, shares the many benefits his company has gained by switching to Rimini Street for SAP support in 2010. With incomparable service quality and support for customized code, the IT team at Color Spot Nurseries has been empowered to build the products that the company needs to be competitive—without innovating on the vendor’s timeline—making their customers happier at the same time. Plus, they enjoy the flexibility to buy add-on products and continue to purchase new SAP licenses as the company grows.

JD Edwards Applications Strategies for 2016 and Beyond

Ray Grigsby, Vice President JD Edwards Service Delivery discusses real-world examples and recommendations for customers considering their next-generation JD Edwards applications strategies including upgrading and moving to the Cloud.

Survey Reveals SAP Users are Wary of SAP S/4HANA

Learn how survey results obtained from current SAP software licensees indicate that a majority of customers are not committed to upgrading to S/4HANA for reasons including ambiguous ROI statistics and overall satisfaction with proven SAP 4.x and ECC 6.0 applications.

Rimini Street Recap: Oracle Application Strategy Survey

View highlights of a recent webinar covering top findings from the Oracle Applications Strategy Survey. In this discussion you’ll discover why customers are struggling to define their future Oracle application strategies and some of the key questions they have.

American Cancer Society Focuses on Its Core Mission: Saving Lives

CIO Jay Ferro from American Cancer Society discusses Rimini Street's break/fix support and support for ACS's customizations to its Siebel system. He also covers Rimini Street's partnership that provides guidance for all layers of the technology stack, and a strategic technology roadmap.

How to Fund Innovation through Dramatic Support Savings

American Cancer Society CIO Jay Ferro tells how ACS drives innovation with savings from switching to Rimini Street Support. See how IT is enabling transformations like empowering a mobile workforce and leveraging mobile data and analytics with Rimini Street’s help.

What the Latest Developments at SAP Mean for You

This webinar recap features industry analyst Ray Wang, who says “SAP doesn’t have a lot to sell you at the moment.” Wang observes that SAP has traditionally focused on applications, but has been pouring energy into HANA, creating questions about the future of ECC 6.

Color Spot Nurseries Gets Better Service and Funds Innovation

In 2009, 20 percent of CIO Eric Robinson’s IT budget went to SAP maintenance, making Rimini Street “the obvious choice.” Benefits include faster product delivery, support for customizations, faster issue resolution, and a personalized relationship with Rimini Street engineers.

Defining Your Own PeopleSoft Roadmap

Today’s hot new technologies and Oracle’s lagging pace of innovation make defining a roadmap a challenge for PeopleSoft customers. Group VP of Corporate Strategy Frank Reneke shows how companies can combine PeopleSoft with select cloud technologies to gain an edge in the market.

Valspar Reallocates Maintenance Budget to Growth

CIO Tom Grooms tells how switching to Rimini Street freed funds for growth initiatives. He describes the transition as “seamless” and the difference as “night and day,” enabling staff to deliver new functionality and results to the business instead of simply carrying out routine maintenance tasks.

RadiOAUG: Featuring David Rowe and Craig Mackereth

In this lively interview, Rimini Street CMO David Rowe and Group VP of Global Application Support Craig Mackereth discuss how to move funds from maintenance to innovation, the role Rimini Street plays as a strategic partner, and the scope of Rimini Street’s support program.

Rimini Street Client Profile | Smead

Smead investigated providers of independent support (third-party support) and switched to Rimini Street for its PeopleSoft annual support. On Rimini Street Support, the company now enjoys highly responsive service, and has freed up funds to pursue innovation.

Rimini Street Recap: CIO of the Year, Alex Baulé of Embraer

View highlights of a recent webinar featuring a winner of InformationWeek’s CIO of the Year award, Alex Baulé of Embraer. In this discussion you’ll discover how Embraer navigated a challenging economy while dramatically increasing its ability to deliver meaningful innovation at the same time.

Rimini Street Support for Customizations

Unlike vendor support, Rimini Street’s standard support includes support for all code the client has modified. Nucleus Research analyst Rebecca Wetteman and Rimini Street clients tell how support for customizations leads to added benefits, enhanced savings and reduced risk.

Rimini Street Client Profile | National FFA Organization

Joel Gibbons, Senior Team Lead of Enterprise Support, tells how IT budget pressure led to the switch to independent support for PeopleSoft. The decision not only provided support for customizations, but cost savings that helped open up strategic options for FFA’s future.

Rimini Street on RadiOAUG

Webcast from Denver, Colorado at OAUG COLLABORATE 13, Lee Kantor and Stone Payton interview Rimini Street CMO David Rowe and VP of Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP and Oracle Technology Product Service Delivery Craig Mackereth.