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How NCI Transformed IT to Achieve Strategic Business Goals

Learn how Eric Brown, CIO of NCI Building Systems “right-sized” his support strategy for NCI’s Oracle E-Business Suite and Database products, allowing him to focus on business critical projects; one of which created a $60M annual eCommerce revenue stream.

5 Pitfalls of Oracle Database Licensing and Support

Oracle database audits can be a revenue generator for Oracle that could cost you millions. Audits may force higher license and maintenance costs, and combined with traditional support could put your organization at risk. Protect your company from potentially increased license and support fees, penalties and downtime by watching this critical webinar.

How to Optimize Your Database Infrastructure and Costs to Deliver Innovation

Your database is a vital component to developing innovation that can transform your business. But how can you lower your TCO, improve performance and still invest in business transformation? Join featured speaker Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna from Forrester Research as he shares insights on recent database trends including open-source and cloud options, database licensing pitfalls and strategies, and support challenges.

Your SAP Future – Status Quo or Innovate?

View this on-demand webinar as renowned Industry Analyst, R “Ray" Wang, shares his perspectives on the pressures and costs of settling for the status quo. Learn how leading organizations achieve innovation and agility by redirecting budget and resources with a priority for digital technologies to support business demands today.

Analyst Reveals How to Tame the Tech MOOSE and Fund Business Innovation

In this webinar, Paul Hamerman, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will provide insights on BT and Tech MOOSE spending. You will learn proven disruptive strategies CIOs are using to take back control of their enterprise software and maintenance, and break the Tech MOOSE stranglehold.

SAP Applications Strategies for 2015 and Beyond

In this interactive discussion, hear Ray Wang of Constellation Research share his expert opinion and analysis on the latest SAP S/4HANA developments - including the pace and focus of innovation at SAP, commitment to core ERP versus SAP S/4HANA and specific strategies for funding and delivering innovation that the business needs now.

Rimini Street Support for SAP - How It Works

In this webinar, Rimini Street's head of global SAP support, Jennifer Perry, will provide details on how Rimini Street's premium support for SAP actually works, including resolution process, break-fix support, tax and regulatory updates, and support for customizations.

Five Upgrade Options Every Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Should Consider

Learn the five upgrade options that every Oracle EBS customer should carefully consider before their upcoming maintenance renewal date. In addition to having business and fiscal impact, these options may significantly affect your application and database support. Explore your options and hear directly from Lydall about its decision process and how the company gained upgrade flexibility based on its own timeline, not the software vendor’s.

How the City of Windsor used ERP Savings to Fund Community Initiatives

Local governments and public sector agencies face new economic realities to reduce deficits and debt but at the same time are asked to improve customer service. Watch this on-demand webinar to understand current challenges facing Public Sector CIOs, Recent public sector IT trends, A roadmap that will enable public sector CIOs to reduce Opex and fund new technology for innovation and How the City of Windsor was able to find budget to innovate and delight their community

Oracle Applications Strategy Survey: Top Findings and Analysis

Rimini Street recently conducted a survey of 139 Oracle customers to understand their future Oracle applications strategy and thoughts on key questions. In this on-demand webinar, we take a deep-dive into the survey findings and discuss what it means for Oracle applications customers like you.

Analyst POV: What the Latest Developments at SAP Mean for You

Recent developments at SAP, including the departure of key technology and cloud leaders, have raised concerns about SAP's product strategy, stability and relevance as an innovator. In this webinar, the speakers share expert opinions on these recent developments and recommendations for funding and delivering innovation that the business needs now.

CIO-to-CIO: How I Reduced SAP® Maintenance Costs to Fund Innovation

In this interactive webinar, Embraer CIO Alexandre Baulé shared how he successfully used third-party maintenance to significantly reduce SAP annual support costs and free up funds for innovation that better position Embraer for the future, earning him an IT Executive of the Year award by InformationWeek. 

How to Negotiate Maintenance Discounts from Oracle and SAP

Hear leading industry analyst Ray Wang, with years of experience helping companies negotiate better deals with Oracle and SAP, detail how many customers are now leveraging a competitive proposal to get the best price and service terms from Oracle or SAP — or switching to value-based third-party software support for greater savings, innovative features and more responsive service.

Oracle Max Value Webinar Series: Presented by Rimini Street

Expert opinions, insights and recommendations to maximize the value of Your Oracle applications. View the JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft, and Oracle E-Business Suite on-demand webinars and get advice and guidance on your Oracle application roadmap planning options.

CIO Roundtable: How to Cut Out-of-Control SAP and Oracle Maintenance Costs

Steve Hammond, CIO of Kichler Lighting and Brice Salle, CIO of Southco discuss enterprise software maintenance and upgrade costs and how they consume huge chunks of IT budgets, with little left over for innovation. Learn how these CIOs made dramatic cuts in the costs of running and maintaining their mission-critical SAP and Oracle systems by moving to third-party support.

Webinar by Quest Leadership Community: ERP Roadmapping Decision Factors

Rimini Street CMO David Rowe discusses and evaluates options for optimizing your ERP roadmap, weighing functionality gaps against current and future business needs, integration technologies, on-premise vs. off-premise approaches, and vendor support vs. third-party support for ongoing maintenance and cost management.

Avoid Expensive Upgrades of Your SAP R/3 Releases

Greg Leiner, Rimini Street’s Director of SAP Operations, discusses how SAP customers are using third-party support to avoid upgrades, reduce overall IT maintenance costs and drive years of additional value from their current R/3 releases.

Webinar Series: Avoid Expensive Upgrades of Your Oracle EBS Releases

Watch this webinar to learn about all your EBS release management options. We'll discuss how you can drive more value from your current R11i or R12 releases with third-party support, as well as strategies you should consider to best prepare for adopting new innovative software platforms.

Webinar Series: Avoid Expensive Upgrades of Your JD Edwards Releases

Oracle support coverage is changing for several JD Edwards releases and many customers are now facing expensive forced upgrades to maintain full support to avoid increased maintenance fees. In this webinar series you will learn about all of your release management options.

Webinar Series: Avoid Expensive Upgrades of Your PeopleSoft Releases

Oracle support coverage is changing for several PeopleSoft releases and many customers are now facing expensive forced upgrades to maintain full support to avoid increased maintenance fees. In this webinar series you will learn about all of your release management options.

Webinar Series: Avoid Expensive Upgrades of Your Siebel Releases

Oracle support coverage is changing for several Siebel releases and many customers are now facing expensive forced upgrades to maintain full support to avoid increased maintenance fees. In this webinar series you will learn about all of your release management options.

ERP Business Value: Where it's Been and Where it Could Be

Rimini Street founder and CEO Seth Ravin, a veteran of over 20 years in the ERP business, offers his unique insights and discusses a model for "Funding Innovation by Reducing Entitlements" that organizations can use to realize new levels of value from their ERP systems.

The 4 Strategic Paths All SAP Customers Choose Between

Renowned analyst R. "Ray" Wang of Constellation Research, along with Rimini Street President & COO Sebastian Grady, will assess the SAP landscape and discuss customer options and best practices for optimizing SAP, including how third-party maintenance can reduce SAP total cost of ownership.