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Comprehensive support services for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, and Salesforce® software

Comprehensive Support Services for Enterprise Software

Rimini Street (NASDAQ: RMNI) is the global leader in independent, third-party enterprise software support services, serving over 4,000 clients to date. Rimini Street replaces traditional vendor support and enables licensees of Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, and other enterprise software to save up to 90% on total software support costs, extract more value from their enterprise software investments, invest in innovation, and create competitive advantage and growth.


Superior Service Experience

Expert services, centered on client needs


One Partner, Built for Scale

A comprehensive service model to optimize IT Investments



15-year track record of global client success

Expert Support and Services for Business-Critical Applications

Rimini Street knows that enterprise applications, like those offered by Oracle, SAP and Salesforce, are at the core of business processes. That is why all clients are assigned a Primary Support Engineer (PSE), an expert engineer with an average of 15 years of experience, to meet client needs. Client success is Rimini Street’s success, and it starts by delivering the best third-party enterprise support services in the industry.


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Comprehensive support services across ten Oracle ERP and database solutions

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Comprehensive support services for SAP, trusted by hundreds of SAP customers

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Resolution-focused Application Management Services for Salesforce®, trusted by global brands

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The Market Leader in Third-Party Enterprise Software Support Services

Rimini Street is the leading provider of independent, third-party enterprise software support services, driving substantial savings and better business outcomes for clients worldwide.


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clients served


Fortune 500 and Global 100 clients served


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What Our Clients are Doing

Nottinghamshire County Council

“The partnership helps achieve significant savings while also giving us more time and flexibility to plan for the future without pressure to follow a vendor-led upgrade path.

Rimini Street has repeatedly demonstrated how much it understands the importance of quality customer service.”

Sarah Stevenson Business Services Centre Group Manager

“There is a massive amount of technology involved, but the most important thing is how it impacts peoples’ lives.

It was refreshing to engage with a company that is really motivated and enthusiastic to go above and beyond to provide the needed support and help solve our problems.”

Jim Chilton CIO
HSG Sungdong Shipbuilding

“We were able to cut more than 50% from the amount we had originally been paying Oracle for support. These are savings that benefit the entire company and enable us to strategically reallocate funds to the Smart Yard initiative.

IT will play an increasingly significant role as we continue to develop our infrastructure and further enhance business operations. I am confident that our partnership with Rimini Street will be part of that future.”

Dongjin Kim General affairs information head of department

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