Device & User Interface Support

Seamlessly Extend Existing Applications to the Most Current Browsers and Mobile Devices

Rimini Street Device & User Interface Support allows customers to run their current applications with an ever-changing technology stack.

Changes in the technology stack often lead to usability issues for ERP applications. Different versions of Internet browsers can misread fields and display interface controls incorrectly, causing user frustration and data entry corruption. Mobile devices often can’t display older screen interfaces properly. New desktop operating systems can break custom-coded ERP integrations …

ERP vendors do not usually support problems like these, but Rimini Street Technology Support Services experts know how to deep-dive into difficult usability issues to keep your business processes running smoothly — even with a dynamic technology stack.

Rimini Street provides the following types of support:

  • Browser Compatibility: Use encapsulation strategies to insulate the ERP system from changes among different versions of browsers. Methods include browser plugins, application virtualization and desktop virtualization.
  • Multiple Browsers: Utilize smart proxy servers to support environments with browsers that are incompatible with the HTML messaging being sent by ERP applications. Applications become browser-agnostic.
  • Mobile Devices: Deploy virtualized environments which allow core enterprise application software to remain unchanged while being deployed through mobile devices. Clients benefit by leveraging mobile platforms while avoiding a forced upgrade scenario.