Interoperability Support Services for ERP Systems

Maintain Current ERP Applications Alongside Changing IT Infrastructure

Rimini Street’s experienced engineers can help with upgrades to your database, hardware, applications, server operating system, and desktop operating system. In addition, our experienced engineers can develop and document a technology roadmap and proof-of-concept solutions that will help keep your ERP applications running as other layers of technology change.

Maintaining the interoperability of all the layers over the 15-year lifespan of the ERP system requires a deep knowledge of not only the existing stack, but of the potential for change in the years to come. Rimini Street’s experts provide the following Interoperability Support Services:

Rimini Street provides the following Interoperability Support Services:

  • Database Upgrade Support: Benefit from expert guidance throughout your database upgrades and migration projects.
  • Server Operating System Upgrade Support: Gain complete oversight and support for operating system upgrades.
  • Hardware Upgrade Support: Receive remediation services for hardware upgrades and migrations.
  • Application Support: Protect application infrastructure from changes in the total dynamic system without having to upgrade core systems.
  • Desktop Operating System Upgrade Support: Manage the impact of desktop OS upgrades in the enterprise using encapsulation techniques including OS compatibility tuning, desktop virtualization and application virtualization.