What Role Should Third-Party Support Play in Your Postmodern ERP Strategy?

Gartner Report Image

According to Gartner, ERP remains a high priority for CIOs, ranking as their No. 4 priority in Gartner’s 2016 CIO survey. On-premise ERP application(s) will remain in place as part of the ERP portfolio for many organizations, but the amount of IT budget spent on sustaining the on-premises solution will need to shrink as funds shift toward new investments.

The Gartner report highlights key decision-making criteria for considering a switch to independent support including:

  • How much further development, rollout and upgrade activity is planned for the application, if any
  • How satisfied the users and IT are with the vendor’s support services
  • Whether there are third-party vendors with a proven track record for supporting the vendor’s software

Download the full report for full analysis, a case study, and Gartner's recommendations. 

Gartner, Does Third-Party Support Have a Role in Your Postmodern ERP Strategy?, P. Phelan, 29 January 2016.