Fund Strategic Innovation With Savings From Third-Party Support

When you switch to Rimini Street Support, you can shift funds from ongoing support and maintenance of ERP systems to more strategic IT projects and innovative business initiatives — for example, customer- or revenue-focused projects.

Many ERP customers are keeping the core of their system of record stable, while innovating around the edges of ERP with new systems of engagement.

A few ways our clients are driving change with their repurposed maintenance funds:



Company: Graham Packaging     Industry: Manufacturing     Applications: SAP

Strategic use of savings: Retaining headcount and exploring initiatives in eProcurement, virtualization and cloud computing. Read the full story

What they're saying: "One of my largest expenses has been SAP maintenance. Rimini Street is significantly reducing the annual operating cost of our SAP system, providing us focused, personalized support and operating like an extension of our internal team." — Jeff Rishel, Vice President of IT, Graham Packaging



Company: Major Hospital     Industry: Healthcare     Applications: PeopleSoft

Strategic use of savings: Investing in a range of initiatives including advanced medical devices and more clinical information technology. Read the full story

What they're saying: "The money we save by reducing our maintenance cost turns around and gets deployed into a range of initiatives — medical devices, more clinical information technology, making sure our buildings are safe and our equipment is as contemporary as we can afford it." — CIO, Hospital



Company: Southco     Industry: Manufacturing     Applications: SAP

Strategic use of savings: Driving increased value from SAP implementation by completing the intial phase of its strategic globalization efforts. Read the full story

What they're saying: "SAP gives me all the functionality I need to support my business. And with Rimini Street, I'm protecting the substantial investment we've made in SAP. With my software maintenance costs going down, I'll be able to leverage those savings on innovative applications around our core ERP processes." — Brice Salle, CIO, Southco



Company: Major Publisher     Industry: Publishing     Applications: JD Edwards

Strategic use of savings: Reinvesting in additional headcount and new IT projects such as enhanced job costing, eCommerce and Web 2.0 applications. Read the full story

What they're saying: "We met and exceeded our own ambitious enterprise software maintenance cost reduction goals with help from Rimini Street." — IT Director for Financial Application Services, Publisher


Company: Major Canadian Lottery & Gaming Corporation     Industry: Gaming     Applications: PeopleSoft

Strategic use of savings: Funding a mobility project for PeopleSoft system. Read the full story

What they're saying: "Rimini Street is saving us more than 50 percent in annual support costs — and just as important, has given the corporation more precious time for us to sort out our strategic ERP plans and decide where we want to go." — IT Manager, Lottery & Gaming Corporation


These clients have found that whatever their strategic needs for innovation, savings from third-party support can help fund them. 

Free up funds for strategic innovation — get a competitive proposal from Rimini Street now.

Innovate Around the Edges

"Our strategy is to do more project work that drives value for the business. Having Rimini Street for support enables us to focus on where we want to go and what we want to do."
— Paul Wilner, VP IT and CIO, Pall Corporation

"With Rimini Street, our EBS applications and Oracle Databases will be a solid and secure platform for our business needs moving forward, and a perfect fit for our strategy to optimize IT costs and better align IT to drive business innovation and competitive advantage."
— Neal Johnson, Director IT Service and Operations, House of Fraser

"When I ran a five-year business case, our overall savings approached $700,000, taking into account the time and additional costs outside of annual support fees associated with the upgrade. This is allowing us to shift the focus of our technology team to working with operations teams and determining how we can leverage technology to drive business value."
— Rick Jankura, Chief Financial Officer, Jones Packaging