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Answering the Demand for Application Management Services for SAP

Rimini Street is redefining what Application Management Services (AMS) ought to be for SAP customers frustrated with their current options.

AMS is a natural extension to the services Rimini Street already provides: in addition to leveraging Rimini Street’s Support Services for SAP that replaces expensive and lower-value software vendor annual support, clients can now have Rimini Street run their SAP systems with a turnkey solution that integrates Application Management and Support Services for their SAP enterprise software.

Focus on Better Application Management Service from Highly Experienced Engineers

Rimini Street recently announced the global availability of its Application Management Services for SAP comprised of the following core capabilities:

  • operational support including integrated incident resolution
  • case management, and root cause analysis to optimize ongoing operations
  • systems administration
  • SAP Basis support
  • system health monitoring with proactive analysis, preventative system recommendations and event detection
  • enhancement support for complex SAP software landscapes

Because Rimini Street is independent of SAP, the focus is on eliminating inefficiencies inherent with a multi-vendor model, thereby providing better service outcomes, streamlined resolutions and higher IT service levels.

Clients agree — they have such positive experiences with Rimini Street’s uniquely responsive model, where each client is assigned a Primary Support Engineer with an average of 15 years of experience. This dedicated resource follows up on every support ticket and can draw on a network of specialists with their own deep expertise in troubleshooting core problems in ERP systems.

Because of such a strong foundation, clients had been requesting that Rimini Street add Application Management Services as a support option. Just as they find Rimini Street provides them with superior enterprise software support than that of SAP, they anticipate receiving better service – with fewer inefficiencies due to handoffs from one support provider to another – with Rimini Street including AMS as an additional integrated element of its established, superior,  application support services.  This is Rimini Street’s next offering for AMS, after introducing AMS for Salesforce® last year, helping companies realize the full potential of their Salesforce® systems while reducing backlog.

A Broken Model: Problem-solving versus Profit-seeking

AMS is often provided as a ‘loss leader’ from systems integrators – allowing them to be on the hunt for the next big project to deliver new revenue streams, but necessitating cheaper, less-skilled resources. This often leads to issues including bloated IT backlogs, artificial change requests, endless escalations, complexity, and increased billable hours due to scope creep – all because of the typical lack of dedicated focus on solving application management problems in favor of seeking even further profits.

Systems integrators indeed undertake massive ‘transformational’ ERP and SaaS implementation projects — and although these vendors have tremendous resources at their disposal, they do not typically make their best people available for ongoing service and support. In contrast, Rimini Street’s best engineering resources are focused on maximizing the lifespan of your existing SAP systems and investments.

A Better Model: Bundling Level 2, 3, and 4 Support

Rimini Street combines multiple levels of support for one integrated service, delivering where other AMS providers can fall short. For nearly 15 years, we have provided vendor-agnostic advice and guidance without any tie to vendor-dictated agendas, returning over $4 billion in business value.

In the ITIL model, support is classified as a range from Level 1 (resolves basic support desk-type issues) to Level 4 (provides advanced engineering skills to resolve the most difficult problems and identify their root cause).

Rimini Street does not employ junior technicians who simply triage issues or hand them off to other Level 2, Level 3, or SAP for Level 4 support resources. Not dependent on an online knowledge base, or SAP to deliver services, issues don’t get stuck in endless queues. Rimini Street AMS for SAP eliminates the gaps between these levels, simply meaning you will not receive services from someone who does not know what they’re talking about. There is no Rimini Street ‘call center’ — clients reach experienced, global engineers directly, in their own time zone, for expert resolution.

Armed with the experience and knowledge of how the SAP software was designed to work in the first place, plus supporting the customizations that support your unique business requirements, Rimini Street engineers deliver with expertise on the very front lines of your support. Combining AMS and our award-winning vendor-replacement services, overall escalations are reduced.  There is no need for a client to continually re-explain the context of their business and technology needs to support teams at two different organizations; our expert engineers provide a one-call integrated solution.

Examples of Rimini Street Application Management Support for SAP services include:

  • Production Support: Detect and remediate interruptions in normal system operations, minimizing business impacts. Manage incidents with root cause analysis and corrections.
  • System Administration: Conduct regular system checks. Monitor backups. Administer user accounts and system level callout fixes.
  • System Health Monitoring and Assurance: Detecting anomalies before they become problems for the business and its users. Perform periodic system administration and optimization activities.
  • Development Support: Create tailored system enhancement packages. Work within client policies for security, data protection and change control. Stand behind the work with a warranty on code developed for enhancements.

Today, the Rimini Street Application Management Services for SAP offering provides a detailed service catalog, allowing clients to order off a menu of AMS services.

Clients are asking for more, and Rimini Street is happy to answer the call – on the first ring or first click.

“Rimini Street is redefining what Application Management Services (AMS) ought to be...”

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