Rimini Manage™: How It Works

Designed to Deliver Better Business Outcomes

For more than 15 years, Rimini Street has been a break/fix and Level 4 ERP support provider of IT services. Now we also deliver Rimini Manage, to help reduce the complexity that can come with multi-vendor or staff augmentation approaches. By combining ITIL services into one delivery model, we help you improve IT performance levels.

With unified software support and services, you get a transparent view of performance across the board, taking business user satisfaction levels to new heights. The services include unlimited service requests and incidents, with quarterly blocks of enhancement hours — all at an easy to understand, annual subscription price.

Rimini Street Unified Software Services + Support

Client Results = Reducing IT Burden

Nothing matters more than proven performance. Rimini Street has the experience and track record to back up our Rimini Manage offerings with real data. Here are some sample results from a $10B+ energy company that outsourced managed services to Rimini Street. By working closely with each production manager and line of business to identify root cause analysis and process improvements, Rimini Manage + Rimini Support™ achieved the following results in less than one year:

We Don’t Manufacture Case Volumes — or Work in a Call Center

More case volume, hand-offs, or explaining — as can occur with traditional managed services support models — can lead to higher operational costs and productivity drag. Rimini Street maintains and runs client systems with integrated support.

Unlike managed services providers that can make more money as case volumes increase, Rimini Street works diligently to reduce case volumes and improves average resolution time (ART).

That means fewer backlogs and more confidence in meeting critical project milestones. We can shift cases between ITIL Level 2 and Level 4 support seamlessly, involving our best resources for faster resolution. This is in direct contrast to traditional Managed Services support models where junior resources may pass their cases back to Oracle or SAP for support.

The Rimini Street Unified Software Services + Support model is designed to address a higher volume of incidents than other managed services models, with strict regulatory and compliance policies and citizenship requirements.

How Can We Help Simplify Your IT Operations?

We like to keep things simple — contact us today to learn more about how our Unified Software Services and Support and Unlimited Ticket Model can help improve your operations today.

Benefits of Rimini Street Integrated AMS + ERP Support Services


*Unlimited use from a catalogue of services

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