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Rimini Street Analytics – One of the Keys to a Business-Driven Roadmap


Timely and accurate data is a prerequisite for more intelligent business strategies and operations, and making better use of ERP data is an obvious place to start. The growing market demand for analytics software has encouraged the major ERP vendors to embed or bundle their own analytics packages, which are tied to the product roadmaps for their application suites.

The problem: when you link your analytics strategy to a vendor's product roadmap, you may be committing to regular upgrades, not just for the analytics but for the ERP and other elements of the product suite to keep everything in sync. You may find yourself upgrading (or committing to automatic upgrades in the cloud) regardless of whether new features are better for your business.

You Are in Control of Your Data

We believe enterprises are better served by defining their own Business-Driven Roadmap for analytics and for enterprise technology in general.

The need for better analytics is certainly real. While organizations today continually produce and collect massive amounts of data from across the enterprise in addition to their ERP systems, they only scratch the surface when it comes to analyzing and making productive use of this growing sea of information.

In this context, I'm not talking about those Big Data analytics challenges that can only be answered by a team of Ph.D. data scientists. For the business user, what is most frustrating is knowing that the straightforward data you need is in the ERP, but you can't get the right data out of the ERP system when you want it. Business users such as finance professionals have a good idea of what a modern point-and-click user query and reporting user interface ought to look like, and they don't want to be told they need to learn SQL or a scripting language, let alone file an IT ticket every time they want to create a new report.

New Approaches for Business Intelligence

Rimini Street Analytics is a powerful but affordable business intelligence and analytics solution that can be deployed quickly, without being tied to any particular version of ERP and without the overhead of requiring that you first create a data warehouse.

The assumption that you need to create a separate repository to be used exclusively for analytic queries is so widespread that many IT teams no longer question it, but, honestly in our experience, it's just a bad idea. Setting up a data warehouse or data mart adds unnecessary expense and complexity, introducing the need for periodic synchronization with transactional systems. That means the data you're querying or reporting on is always at least slightly outdated.

Since ERP data is constantly being updated, why not connect to it in real-time? The database performance limitations used in the past to justify separation between transactional and analytic databases are melting away. Unfortunately, most analytics software products do not offer real-time data connectors.

Rimini Street Analytics will help you focus on identifying trends and exceptional data in a proactive way, breaking the cycle of constantly working in reactive mode. This solution is designed and built for ERP systems with real-time data connectors to ERP, databases, and cloud applications, and a library of pre-built content that is constantly improved and updated by our team of analytics professionals. (We supply the data scientists so you don't have to).

Choice and Flexibility

Unlike most of the other products on the market, Rimini Street Analytics can perform real-time data mash-ups from multiple sources, including cloud services, to enable visibility across the enterprise. It does all that without the need for a data warehouse or other repository.

Part of the Rimini Street difference is that we are a service and support organization, dedicated to making software work for a client's business. When we provide software solutions, it is in the context of that mission. Whether you upgrade your ERP, adopt a vendor's cloud ERP, or move your existing ERP to cloud infrastructure should be your decision any nobody else's. It should be determined by your Business-Driven Roadmap, not the vendor's product roadmap. Similarly, if you choose to create a data warehouse and hire a team of data scientists, it should be to answer really hard questions, not because you need better reporting from your general ledger.

One early Rimini Street Analytics customer previously relied on Oracle's Discoverer for reporting from their 11i EBS instance. Unfortunately, Oracle no longer supports Discoverer. Instead, this client was offered Oracle's new cloud-based analytics software, which would have also meant moving to the Oracle ERP Cloud service. Yet the company didn't see the value of moving to the cloud or upgrading the existing EBS implementation that was meeting its needs. The firm was equally concerned about analytics software products that would have been expensive to implement, given the need to create a data warehouse and add staff to maintain it.

Worse, all these alternatives would have meant throwing away an investment made over the last decade in developing 1,100+ Discoverer reports. One key advantage of Rimini Street Analytics is that it includes a utility for converting Discover reports to a modern reporting environment.

To prove it, Rimini Street offered a Proof of Concept project that successfully demonstrated the ability to convert a subset of those reports. While there were problems to solve along the way, we worked with our client to overcome them. We also demonstrated the ability to meet another key requirement, the ability to display report and application text in Hebrew. That client is now a Rimini Street Analytics customer, with a subscription for both their 11i and 12.1 Oracle EBS instances.

This is just one example of how we can work with you to craft an affordable analytics solution that preserves your existing investments and positions your organization for the future.

The market for reporting and analytics software is crowded, and you may feel pressured to pick a "big name" product - even though it's tied to an even bigger price tag. Before you do, consider the value of adopting affordable yet powerful analytics software backed by a partner who can help you use it to its full potential. That's what makes Rimini Street Analytics and our world-class enterprise software support organization a winning combination.

Develop More Intelligent Business Strategies with Rimini Street Analytics

Rimini Street Analytics provides a best-of-breed business intelligence framework with an intuitive, self-service report model that empowers end users to make the best decisions for their organizations. Our solution includes a customizable GUI so it’s easy for you and your team to create, modify and run reports leveraging your existing data sources from enterprise software applications, databases and cloud solutions.

Michael Geraci

Michael Geraci, Director, ERP Financial Applications and Rimini Street Analytics

Michael Geraci’s three decades of industry experience includes positions at Oracle, JWP Inc., WPP Group USA, and McKinsey & Company. His expertise includes business consulting and implementing the E-Business Suite Financial applications for clients ranging from start-ups to multinational firms in a wide range of industries. He joined Rimini Street in May 2016 where he has been instrumental in building the infrastructure for the Functional Support Service organization. As Director, ERP Financial Applications, and Rimini Street Analytics, he provides advisory services and thought leadership to Rimini Street’s large and growing client base to help them obtain the maximum value out of their ERP investment and innovate with best-of-breed solutions.