ERP Business Topics

The Value of Support for Customized Code

Most support issues, by far, involve custom code built to meet requirements unique to the businesses they serve. Yet ERP vendors don't support customized code in their standard support programs strategy. This article details the attractive alternative that premium third-party support provides.

Fund Strategic Innovation With Savings From Rimini Street Support

Use of premium independent support enables companies to shift funds from ongoing support and maintenance of ERP systems to more strategic IT projects and innovative business initiatives. This article reveals ways Rimini Street clients are driving change with their repurposed maintenance funds.

7 Steps to Negotiating Your Best Possible Deal on Annual Support

While many customers believe they're locked into existing maintenance contracts, innovative companies recognize that every year is an opportunity to negotiate. This article presents what noted ERP industry analyst R. "Ray" Wang calls, "The Seven Steps to Negotiating Success".

Upgrade Strategy & Independent Support

Independent enterprise software customers continue to defer upgrades that no longer deliver a convincing business case. Absolute R&D investments by software companies are shrinking, and enhancements to current systems offer little functional value. This article discusses ways companies are effectively taking back control of their upgrade strategy.