The Value of Support for Customized Code

  • Fact: 65% of all issues — and 85% of all Priority 1 issues — involve custom code.
  • Fact: ERP vendors do not support customized code in their standard support programs.
  • Fact: Rimini Street supports your customized code at no extra charge.

CONCLUSION: With Rimini Street, you eliminate a major ongoing maintenance expense: dedicated internal resources or expensive consultants to fix issues with custom code while simultaneously allowing for your own ERP modifications.


Software Vendor Rimini Street
Get expensive consulting support or devote precious internal IT resources or ... Have your custom code covered. Period.
After endless phone tree ... "Is it your issue or our issue? Please replicate this in a vanilla environment ..." "What's your issue? OK, we're on it." No questions asked, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.
"You broke it? You fix it." "You broke it? We'll fix it."
Perform expensive upgrades on the vendor's schedule to stay current and pay increasing maintenance fees with decreasing service levels over time, with no support for your customizations. Stabilize on your current robust, highly functional release, customizing it as you wish to serve your business and maximize your initial investment for 10+ years with no required upgrades.

Close the Money Hole

You're spending money and resources fixing customization issues the vendor won't touch because you can't reproduce them in a vanilla environment. Our standard support contract closes that money hole immediately — and it's worth nearly as much to some of our clients as is our guaranteed 50 percent savings on vendor annual support fees.

Rimini Street Supports Your Right to Modify Your Code

The software vendor won't support your customized code as part of their standard support program, but here are the facts:

  • It is your contractual right as a customer to modify or customize your ERP system to create competitive advantage. This is ERP modification.
  • You've customized your application to serve your business.

At Rimini Street we "get it" that you frequently modify and tweak your ERP system creatively to satisfy the legitimate demands of your evolving business processes. That's one reason you purchased your ERP system in the first place.

Maximize What You've Already Got and Paid For

Vendors try to dissuade you from customizing so it's easier to upgrade. But instead of spending money on upgrades that buy you nothing over time, why not further develop all the application features and functionality you paid good money for to begin with?

Reap the ROI that's already overdue on your ERP system.
Contact us for a consultation on how you can:

  • Intelligently optimize what you've already got.
  • Take the time to implement all the features that can actually improve your business — instead of rushing to the next artificially forced upgrade.
  • Take advantage of Rimini Street's coverage of your customized code to reap significant savings.

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