“The savings that we’ve gained from switching to Rimini Street Support have been reallocated to medical equipment, enhanced analytics, business intelligence and electronic medical record systems, to name a few projects — all improving patient care.”

Dave Zucker, IS Director of Business Applications
El Camino Hospital


A busy 550-bed Silicon Valley medical complex, El Camino Hospital runs a PeopleSoft 9 Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financials system. Over the years, with changing demographics and costs soaring, budgets have become tighter. The hospital's IT team had to choose between investing in new patient care technology or expensive maintenance and upgrades of its stable and functional PeopleSoft system.

Rimini Street Solution

El Camino Hospital benefited from immediate 50 percent from the drain of annual vendor maintenance fees when it switched to independent support from Rimini Street. The move also dramatically improved the responsiveness and quality of support for its complex PeopleSoft system. Avoiding expensive upgrades by keeping the technology stack synchronized saves additional funds that can now be redirected to supporting innovation and better patient care.

Client Results

  • Redirected savings from engaging with Rimini Street to purchasing new medical devices, adding clinical information technology, and expanding data warehouse analytics.
  • Updated the technology stack with Windows servers, Microsoft SQL Server, and Internet Explorer, benefitting from Rimini Street technical assistance that kept the PeopleSoft system running and resolved any conflicts as newer technologies were added.
  • Focused the IT team on patient care innovation and medical technology rather than maintaining enterprise software. 

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