“We took the money that we had budgeted for Oracle support and were able to leverage that to help us build cool new applications to keep our existing clients happy and aggressively attract new customers.”

Executive Director IT Global Infrastructure and Support
Global Logistics Provider


As a global logistics provider, BDP International has invested significant resources in custom application development and an extensive Oracle warehouse. However, to drive innovative apps, the company wanted - and needed - to move to more nimble development platforms. Unfortunately, an expensive Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA), plus yearly vendor support and maintenance costs, precluded making the move. 

Rimini Street Solution

Switching to independent support for its Oracle database platform has delivered significant savings, while maximizing the quality and responsiveness of service. By leveraging Rimini Street's broad, deep expertise on a range of issues beyond the database, BDP International can focus on initiatives designed to deliver greater value to its customers. 

Client Results

  • Redeployed support, maintenance and license savings to create innovative, cost-effective applications that leveraged open-source database management systems.
  • Reassigned developers to applications that not only delight current customers but also attract new customers.
  • Retrained Oracle database administrators in new skills and the ability to focus on performance enhancements.

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