"The deep technical expertise of Rimini Street’s engineers, plus their ability to understand and advise on the ‘big picture,’ made Rimini Street an instrumental partner in this process.”

IT Manager, EMMD & Corporate Staff Services


Even with a stable PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM system, the impact of changes in other layers of the technology stack can ripple across ERP applications. A global manufacturer needed to update thousands of Windows desktops in order to retain support and security, and existing PeopleTools also needed to be updated to remain compatible. After the upgrade, however, serious performance issues plagued the system. Because the issues were intermittent and non-replicable outside the production environment, on-site help at the manufacturer's data center was necessary.

Rimini Street Solution

Beyond their understanding of the PeopleTools upgrade and ERP applications, Rimini Street Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) used their deep technical knowledge of the company's mainframe configuration to resolve the performance problem.

Client Results

  • Received in-depth support for the PeopleTools upgrade of a customized PeopleSoft system, as well as IBM mainframe and DB2 database platform tuning.
  • Resolved performance issues through on-site technical support that identified the mainframe load balancer as the source of the problem.
  • Future-proofed the PeopleSoft platform with mainframe tuning that extended its life and avoided unnecessary upgrades. 

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