“Rimini Street has freed up my staff so we can focus more on the requirements of our customers, internal as well as external. We’ve taken on improvements like Warehouse Management, Concur’s travel and expense management, and big projects like Salesforce. Before Rimini Street, we were not in a position to even look at those without going outside to expensive consultants.”

Mike Masters
Director of Global Applications and Solutions, Goss International


Since originally implementing SAP in 2000, high and rising annual SAP maintenance costs became a burden for Goss, and during negotiations SAP tried to link any right-sizing of Goss’s existing maintenance contract to the purchase of new HANA cloud software, which would mean moving Goss’s ECC 6 instance into SAP’s hosted environment. Goss wanted to reduce its SAP maintenance cost burden and simultaneously free up its IT team to work on initiatives that improve the business, not merely maintain existing technology infrastructure.

Rimini Street Solution

With Rimini Street maintaining and supporting Goss’s SAP back-end systems, Goss’s IT staff is now available to spend more time evaluating and implementing the innovative solutions that the business is demanding. And the savings from switching to Rimini Street Support is helping to fund those same initiatives.

Client Results

  • Shifted IT Focus from “Technology Support” to “Business Improvement” — Goss’s IT staff is now available to evaluate and implement innovative solutions that help modernize business processes, while letting Rimini Street keep back-end systems humming.
  • Reinvested Savings Into New Solutions — With the savings and freed-up IT resources garnered from switching to independent support, Goss plans to implement Concur and Salesforce, and is currently implementing SAP Warehouse Management; Rimini Street is directly supporting Goss in rolling out these new products.
  • Discovered a Higher Level of Service — Goss now enjoys ultra-responsive, 24/7/365 premium support services for SAP including a regionally-based Primary Support Engineer, support for custom programs, and “how-to” advisory services.

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