“Rimini Street enables me to do a lot of things that I wouldn’t be able to do myself or I would have to go out and hire staff to do. Having them available with a deep bench of knowledge is invaluable in helping me succeed in this role and keep moving GREER forward successfully.”

Bryan Barlow, Director of IT


Despite a tight IT budget and a lean staff, GREER is a cutting-edge supplier of allergenic extracts, testing kit and immunotherapy treatments. The company runs a mature JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system on a workhorse AS/400 platform. Even after Oracle ended it support, Greer saw no benefit in an expensive and disruptive upgrade. IT believed that independent support could keep its manufacturing and distribution operations running smoothly, reduce the budget, and avoid changes that  would have triggered elaborate FDA change documentation. Its requirement? A support partner with hard-to-find JD Edwards, AS/400 and CNC architecture expertise.

Rimini Street Solution

GREER found the technical support it needed in Rimini Street expertise. Relying on personalized service, GREER keeps its platform running, while adding new features such as off-site disaster recovery and updates for its  Vertex tax interface. During the Rimini Street onboarding process, GREER was also able to archive already-purchased upgrades to EnterpriseOne 9.1.

Client Results

  • Managed its JD Edwards system and fine-tuned its CNC architecture with assistance from Rimini Street's experienced Primary Support Engineers (PSEs).
  • Kept business processes running and eliminated the need to hire expensive AS/400 and CNC architecture consultants.
  • Avoided an unnecessary and expensive JD Edwards upgrade and eliminated the time and expense involved in documenting and gaining FDA approval of changes. 

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