“Our Rimini Street tax updates include only what we specifically need to remain in compliance. That’s a big time-saver for us. We’re able to put a better product out there, more quickly and therefore at less cost, because Rimini Street gives us a better product to begin with.”

Senior Director Corporate Systems


Can an organization leave a primary enterprise software vendor's support and maintenance program and still be able to upgrade to the latest version of the software when it chooses to? Most organizations might think twice about leaving, but a major healthcare provider with more than 38,000 employees decided that the benefits of reducing its PeopleSoft support costs by half were worth the risk. The provider realized that the first test of the wisdom of its decision was to gauge the accuracy of the tax, legal and regulatory updates provided by the independent support vendor.

Rimini Street Solution

To ensure that the organization could upgrade when necessary, Rimini Street guided its IT team through an onboarding process designed to download and archive all purchased PeopleSoft software before switching to independent support. The provider received timely tax, legal, and regulatory updates tailored to its specific business processes and geography, significantly exceeding the quality and effectiveness of those previously provided by the vendor.

Client Results

  • Successfully upgraded to PeopleSoft 9 using the software archived before switching to independent support.
  • Saved 50 percent of the annual cost of vendor support and redirected savings to new IT projects directly related to the quality of healthcare.
  • Received ultra-responsive support 24/7/365 on any PeopleSoft and technology stack issue, as well as indispensable advice on the upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.

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