Rimini Street, Inc

“I can tell you without a doubt that the quality of Rimini Street engineers is spot on. They look out for our best interests, which is something we highly value. Rimini Street is not only a trusted advisor, but really like family.”

Eric Brown, Executive Vice President and CIO
NCI Building Systems


The leadership team at NCI Building Systems wanted to build a new e-commerce portal for customers and at the same time was seeking ways to reduce IT costs. While evaluating the budget, the CIO determined that NCI was paying too much for annual maintenance and receiving little value in return. Oracle databases and E-Business Suite are critical to managing the company’s supply chain and manufacturing operations; the software is also sufficiently stable to go five to 10 years without any expensive upgrades. Believing they could not only reduce costs, but also gain support for customizations and redirect funds to innovation, the team switched to Rimini Street.

Rimini Street Solution

NCI achieved its desired cost reduction with an immediate 50 percent savings in support fees. Additionally, the team has freed up an immense amount of time. Prior to Rimini Street, they spent 50 to 60 percent of their time working with custom code and solving issues with the vendor. Now, they have an expert on the phone the first time they call. Today, NCI has the money and the time to drive strategic business initiatives.

Client Results

  • Generated $120 million in new orders with a new e-commerce portal made possible by savings achieved with independent support.
  • Liberated IT talent to focus on business-critical projects rather than supporting customizations and technology stack issues not covered by the vendor agreement.
  • Deferred upgrades by archiving licensed ERP software for future use.

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