“What we found, first and foremost, as we evaluated the different tools and capabilities from SAP, is that we weren’t getting a whole lot of value for our maintenance dollars. We stopped looking to SAP for every answer and realized that our best path forward was to maintain our ECC core and add cloud applications around it. Innovating around SAP was the most viable, cost-effective strategy.”

Paul Wilner, VP IT & CIO
Pall Corporation


To compete in a varied global marketplace, Pall Corporation's challenge was twofold: first, the company needed to reduce its operational spending to maximize profitability, and second, Pall Corporation needed to redefine its next-generation ERP strategy to better support its business initiatives. According to Pall VP IT and CIO Paul Wilner, "When we talked to SAP about S/4HANA, it was too expensive with an unclear roadmap — we just weren't able to jointly develop a business case to justify going to in-memory processing with HANA." 

Rimini Street Solution

Wilner continues, "With S/4HANA not a near-term viable option, we still needed to address the cost of support and maintenance through SAP as part of our strategy to reduce IT operational expenses. While we have been happy with SAP's software offerings, including Cloud for Customer (C4C) and Success Factors, premium support service was the missing piece, and that's where Rimini Street came into the fray. By moving to Rimini Street, we saw an opportunity to save on maintenance, get a higher level of support and still reinvest our savings in new solutions without increasing our operational spend."

Client Results

  • Avoided S/4HANA reimplementation: Pall Corporation, by not following SAP's reimplementation path to a very early-stage product, S/4HANA, saved significant time and money while becoming a more agile IT organization.
  • Gained premier-level support for SAP ECC 6.0: Pall Corporation is receiving more responsive support, including support for custom code, at a much lower cost through independent support.
  • Delivered on business needs faster with hybrid IT strategy: Pall Corporation has reinvested its support savings into implementing new cloud software applications around its core ECC 6.0.
  • Received global tax, legal and regulatory updates: Pall Corporation now receives complimentary tailored tax, legal and regulatory patches for more than 40 countries globally.

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