“We are growing quickly, and switching to Rimini Street has helped us move resources from ongoing SAP maintenance to investments in systems and technology.”

Yael Urman, Director of Applications
PBF Energy


With PBF Energy’s SAP deployment robust and stable, PBF Director of Applications Yael Urman wanted to explore ways of reducing annual maintenance and support costs, while ensuring the continued stability of PBF’s core ERP environment. Urman’s goal was to support existing systems and to enable the implementation of new systems and technologies as the business grows organically and through additional acquisitions.

Rimini Street Solution

As Urman was researching options for SAP support, she was approached by third-party support provider Rimini Street with a proposal that would provide far superior levels of service while reducing annual support costs. By realizing Rimini Street’s guaranteed 50 percent reduction in annual support fees, PBF Energy now has more funds to streamline its ERP systems and bump up its investments in business intelligence, analytics and reporting.

Client Results

  • Improved Support Response: PBF Energy now logs and closes tickets for its SAP deployment in significantly less time.
  • Redirected Savings Toward Core Initiatives: PBF Energy has cut its support costs in half, gaining the flexibility to streamline systems and increase investments in new applications and business analytics.
  • Gained a Support Partner: With its core SAP systems safely supported, PBF Energy can move forward with its business strategy of continued growth and acquisitions.

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