“I view Rimini Street as an extension of my staff. Sure, they fix our issues. But they’re also there whenever we want to bounce ideas off of them; they consult with us about how we’re doing things. For my team, Rimini Street is an always-available source of industry best practices.”

Ramana Adibhatla, Manager, Business Enterprise Applications
Rochester City School District


Tighter budgets and the desire to preserve core educational programs prompt IT and procurement managers to reduce IT spend. Facing a 15 percent budget reduction, decision makers at the Rochester City School District saw PeopleSoft maintenance costs and an impending -and potentially disruptive upgrade - as candidates for cost cuts. If the district went with third-party support, a provider would need to be able to support extensively customized PeopleSoft software and keep it running for the foreseeable future.

Rimini Street Solution

Public sector organizations often start with a vanilla install of an ERP system and customize it to meet emerging needs. In the case of Rochester City School District, Rimini Street support has added years of service to a system the vendor deemed end of life. By redirecting the savings realized by switching to third-party support, the district was able to maintain staff levels and avoid an expensive and time-consuming upgrade.

Client Results

    • Saved more than $500,000 in annual maintenance costs - projecting a 10-year ROI of 70.6 percent - for cumulative maintenance savings of $8.9 million.
    • Minimized budget cuts through savings from third-party support, enabling the district to retain staff and keep educational programs thriving.
    • Avoided a series of expensive upgrades with Rimini Street's support for customizations and its ability to resolve conflicts caused by inevitable changes in the technology stack. 

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