“As part of our ongoing program to reduce TCO, we wanted to reduce our SAP costs, as we had no short-to-medium-term plans to upgrade to the latest version or indeed to S/4HANA. The savings we’ve achieved with independent support has contributed to improved profitability. Rimini Street has been a game-changer for us.”

Sandra Phillips, Commercial Manager
RSA Insurance Group


RSA Insurance had ruled out an upgrade of its R/3 and ECC 6 instances in the short-to-medium term and had not committed to future upgrades. The existing technology was very robust and Sandra Phillips wanted to protect RSA's investment. The goal for the organization was to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) while ensuring uptime and business continuity of the entire SAP landscape in order to mitigate any risk for this business-critical application.

Rimini Street Solution

RSA found that Rimini Street delivers equivalent, if not superior, support services at a significantly reduced price. RSA's customizations are supported and tailored tax, legal and regulatory updates are delivered by Rimini Street. Additionally, the organization could continue to receive SAP security patches, reducing risk further. By moving to Rimini Street, RSA is not precluded from returning to SAP at a date in the future when an enhanced version of SAP may bring business benefit.

Client Results

    • Improved profitability: Saving on annual support fees has reduced SAP TCO and freed capital to invest in vital business initiatives.
    • Gained strategic flexibility: Being in the driver’s seat enabled RSA to determine when an upgrade would benefit the business, rather than being forced to follow SAP’s plans.
    • Received responsive service: Customized code is supported and timely, complete global tax, legal and regulatory updates provided.

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