As you look at the list of Rimini Street clients, it's obvious they represent a very broad array of markets, and range from emerging, young companies to global giants. But they have a great deal more in common:

  • Over 50% of our clients run low-margin businesses, and their IT team is in a daily war against costs. A penny saved per transaction, per process, per minute can result in millions of dollars to their bottom line.
  • A third of our clients are disruptors, entering markets that desperately need innovation. Every partner, product and purchase decision must drive IT optimization so the business can deliver on game-changing outcomes.
  • 80 of our clients are in the Fortune 500, 21 of whom are in the Global 100. These household names may appear to have unlimited budgets but how they apply those budgets is what separates them from their peers.
  • Rimini Street has delivered over 252,000+ custom Tax, Legal and Regulatory (TL&R) updates to our clients. And over 68% of our total clients appreciate that we help reduce the sheer volume and complexity associated with tracking these updates in-house, and trust us to help keep their systems current and compliant.
  • Our clients have saved over $4B in combined estimated operational efficiencies by choosing Rimini Street as their third-party software support partner.

Read why these clients have selected Rimini Street and find out what you have in common with them.

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