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National Distributor Achieves Strategic Flexibility with PeopleSoft 8.9

“With Rimini Street we get the whole package: ultra-responsive service at a reasonable price, the ability to upgrade when it makes sense for us, and premium support features like strategic advisory services. Rimini Street has changed the way we think about support.”
Mike Pfeiffer, Vice-President Technology
American Solutions for Business


With a stable PeopleSoft Order to Cash system supporting core business functions, American Solutions for Business (ASB) faced a tough business decision: Continue paying maintenance fees to the vendor and receive minimal support or undertake an expensive upgrade. The company had no pressing reason to upgrade, and given the opportunity to save significantly and avoid business disruption, management voted to switch to independent support to extend the life of its PeopleSoft platform.

Rimini Street Solution

Independent support offered ASB twice the level of support it had received from PeopleSoft at half the cost. An assigned Primary Support Engineer (PSE) provides guaranteed responses to P1 cases in 10-minutes or less; support for customizations; and an in-depth understanding of the client’s technical and business environment to the table. By choosing Rimini Street, ASB avoided an expensive PeopleSoft upgrade, while also maintaining the flexibility to upgrade in the future with software Rimini Street had archived.

Client Results

  • Received significantly higher value from support through a knowledgeable and responsive PSE.
  • Avoided an expensive upgrade that delivered few, if any, benefits to the business.
  • Saved more than 50 percent on annual maintenance fees.
  • Gained the flexibility to upgrade through archived PeopleSoft Order to Cash software.
  • Accessed business-critical strategic roadmap advisory services at no extra cost.


Client Profile
American Solutions for Business, founded in 1981, is an employee-owned distributor of print and promotional products, office supplies and e-commerce and marketing solutions
Media & Entertainment
Glenwood, Minnesota
$211.4 million USD
PeopleSoft 8.9 Financials, Order to Cash
Technology Platforms
MS SQL Server 2008 R2, OS Windows 7

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