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Wholesale Nursery Expands SAP Footprint by Driving Down Support Costs

“Color Spot has benefitted significantly throughout the years with support by Rimini Street. We make modifications rather than waiting for upgrades and releases from SAP. By switching to Rimini Street, you enable your IT team to build products the business needs to stay competitive. You owe it to yourself and your business to make the smart decision and switch now.”
Eric Robinson, Chief Information Officer
Color Spot Nurseries


With SAP vendor maintenance fees consuming 20 percent of the IT budget and an expensive upgrade looming, Color Spot Nurseries explored independent support to keep its customized SAP R/3 system, which runs finance, HR, payroll, DRP, APO, and CRM, operating smoothly. Because vendor support for R/3 was ending, finding an independent support partner who could also supply necessary tax and regulatory updates was imperative. The company’s extensive customizations for customer-facing applications also required specialized support that would enable its growing business to remain competitive.

Rimini Street Solution

Color Spot’s customized SAP R/3 code reflects business imperatives and best practices. Rimini Street fully supports these customizations should conflicts with R/3 or new edge applications occur. An assigned Primary Support Engineer (PSE) ensures that the Color Spot’s IT environment and business conditions are well documented and do not require explanation at each new incident. This saves IT staff significant time and frustration. Rimini Street support also allowed the company to redirect savings on support and maintenance to adding SAP licenses as it incorporates acquisitions.

Client Results

  • Reduced spend on SAP maintenance and support to nine percent of the IT budget.
  • Reinvested savings into developing innovative custom code and expanding the existing SAP footprint with additional licenses to accommodate growth through acquisitions.
  • Enabled Color Spot to comply fully in the states in which it operates through regular tax, legal and regulatory updates.
  • Saved significant money, IT resources and time by avoiding an expensive and disruptive upgrade to SAP ECC 6.


Client Profile
Color Spot Nurseries is a wholesale nursery that grows, markets and distributes a range of plants and flowers to more than 2,000 retail and commercial customers in the western and southwestern United States.
Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution
Fallbrook, Georgia, United States
SAP R/3 4.7
Technology Platforms
SQL Server 2005 database, Windows Server 2003 operating system

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