Fujitec runs custom applications and databases and was not satisfied with the support services it was receiving from Oracle for its mission-critical databases. Some of its older instances had moved into Sustaining Support, meaning they were no longer eligible for new patches, fixes or certifications. The biggest challenge, however, was the hefty costs associated with ongoing Oracle support. The company’s annual support fees hampered its ability to innovate.

Rimini Street Solution

After moving to Rimini Street for third-party support and seeing significant savings, Fujitec Managing Executive Officer and CIO Kenji Tomooka noted that the benefit of having an assigned Rimini Street Primary Support Engineer (PSE) is one of the biggest improvements. “With Rimini Street, we are completely confident because they provide timely high quality support through our assigned Primary Support Engineer who resolves our issues and coordinates other technical resources,” he explains. “Rimini Street addresses our incidents quickly and effectively, making sure we are constantly informed.”

Client Results

  • Reduced support and maintenance spend: Fujitec is saving 50 percent of its previous Oracle database support costs on an annual basis, while receiving more proactive support and additional value-added services such as performance tuning at no extra cost.
  • Received improved support services: Rimini Street’s Primary Support Engineer (PSE) model provides Fujitec with an expert familiar with the company’s systems, resulting in faster issue resolution.
  • Gained strategic flexibility: Fujitec can now rely on its stable and effective Oracle database environment for years to come, letting the company innovate by creating new cloud-based systems instead of upgrading its systems simply to remain supported.


Client Profile
Fujitec Co., Ltd (hereinafter Fujitec) is a pure-play company that develops, distributes, manufactures, installs, maintains and modernizes facilities, including elevators, escalators and moving walks.
Headquartered in Big Wing, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

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