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More than ever before, IT procurement leaders are under pressure to reduce overall costs and risk, whilst driving even higher value from their vendor spend. The IT Procurement & Sourcing Summit Nordic brings together IT sourcing, procurement, finance, and vendor management decision-makers from leading North-European companies to discuss effective IT Procurement strategies; share stories of their most successful negotiations and vendor relationship tactics, and learn how to improve processes to enable organisational agility and achieve better business outcomes. Attend Rimini Street CTO Eric Helmer’s session at the Summit to learn how you can do more with limited IT resources.

How To Do More with Limited IT Resources

During turbulent times, organisations that have survived and are thriving as market leaders are successfully adjusting their business and IT objectives, priorities, and investments. Their successes are largely due to their strategies for maximising return on investment, improving agility and speed, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and managing security, privacy, and compliance. Yet strategies like these are hard to implement if you have limited IT resources and are following a software vendor-driven IT roadmap. In this thought-provoking session, Rimini Street CTO Eric Helmer will share 3 Smart Paths to innovation for your Oracle and SAP roadmaps:

  • free up IT resources — including budget, people, and time — to deliver fast and agile innovations that can increase profitability and growth
  • stay on your current IT application releases that have been customised to meet your business needs and innovate at the edges of existing ERP systems
  • craft a Business-Driven Roadmap and add best-fit technologies

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