Join Rimini Street at Retail CIO Connect 2024, the invitation-only forum for IT leaders from the UK’s top retailers. As a proud sponsor, we’ll share global insights and stories of successful CIO and financial leaders leveraging smart ERP strategies to accelerate their growth and profitability to accelerate their growth and profitability goals.

Find out how we’re helping retailers across the globe free up funds for top and bottom-line impact!

Fierce global retail industry competition creates pressure to transform, even while being burdened by the high cost of operating and maintaining current IT operations. One-sided enterprise software vendor policies, vendor-dictated IT roadmaps and slow response support models can exacerbate the pressure — and cause severe budget constraints.

Rimini Street’s independent, third-party support helps retail clients recapture time, money and resources, reallocating them to key innovation priorities to enable market differentiation and enhanced personalised customer experiences.

Find out how we’re helping retailers across the globe free up funds for top and bottom-line impact!

Ways to meet the team at Retail CIO Connect!

Attend our session

Attend our session

Rimini Street’s CTO, Eric Helmer, will offer a view on pragmatic, savvy methods from leading CIOs who are funding innovation initiatives and digital transformation without financial disruption.
Schedule a 1:1 meeting

Schedule a 1:1 meeting

Arrange dedicated time with our Rimini Street experts to discuss your IT and business goals, and how we can help you get there, faster.
  • We listen to your unique business goals
  • We provide global insights and proven strategies
  • We share real-world stories of successful CIOs in action
Stop by our stand

Stop by our stand

Come meet the team to learn more about how Rimini Street’s end-to-end IT support, products and services have delivered significant savings of $8B+ in total support costs to date and continue to help CIOs and CFOs transform their IT systems from a cost centre into a profit centre.

With Rimini Street, our EBS applications and Oracle Databases will be a solid and secure platform for our business needs moving forward, and a perfect fit for our strategy to optimize IT costs and better align IT to drive business innovation and competitive advantage.”

– Department Store Chain Director of IT Service and Operations

The central applications run as expected, which provides peace of mind and allows the IT organization to focus on higher-value strategic objectives.”

– Walter Eckardt Head of IT
Rimini Connect™ interoperability solutions solved Officeworks compatibility issues..

In the long run, this has allowed us to prioritise our technology investments to drive an easier and more engaging customer experience.”

– Michael Howard Chief Operating Officer

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